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Cartika IaaS Cloud VPS Servers

Cartika Premium IaaS KVM based Public Cloud VPS Solution. A completely flexible and elastic offering. Purchase pools of resources and create as many Virtual Machines as required. 100+ Operating System Templates including Windows and Linux options. Choose your tier of storage and desired IOPs. RAID10 SATA, SAS and/or SSD options available. Leverage our facilities, infrastructure and networks to deploy your applications. Take advantage of our Single Pane of Glass approach via the Cartika CommandLayer and centrally manage Pools of resources across multiple facilities, across multiple tiers of storage and multiple countries. A complete IaaS solution offering free and commercial Operating Systems, plenty of prebuilt templates, powerful and lightening fast HTML5 console along with access to a wide array of complimentary infrastructure. Backed by our 100% Network and Infrastructure Uptime SLA. 100% Juniper WAN networks with multiple and redundant upstream tier 1/2 10G connections is complimented by a massive internal Juniper Gbps and 10G LAN network. Deploy, resize, template/snapshot and redeploy your applications and services. Seamlessly deploy Cloud Servers in seconds. Advanced auto-scaling and load balancing options also available. Compliment your snapshots and templates with Bacula4Hosts file and database level backup and recovery

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Key Features

can-us Cartika offers data centers in both the United States and Canada. Purchase Pools of Resources and deploy Cloud Servers in the US &/or Canada 
onapp icon OnApp Management Platform to manage your Virtual Machines and associated infrastructure. Create, destroy, snapshot, template, scale, auto-scale, HTML5 console access and plenty of advanced networking and infrastructure automation capabilities
cartika icon cdn Offload your static and streaming media content to the Cartika CDN. Increase performance and protect your websites from various types of malicious activity. A simple pay per use model and activate quickly and easily without any code changes
premium-disk Enterprise disk configurations, Hardware RAID10, 8-16 spindle. Choose to deploy your Virtual Machines across SATA, SAS and/or SSD storage arrays
bacula4hosts Optional Bacula4Hosts backup and recovery solution offering granular file/database level restores or complete bare metal restore (BMR). A perfect compliment to snapshotting/templating solutions. Cartika Backup/DR Solutions available
vertical scaling cartika cloud Vertical Scaling - Configure auto (or manual) scaling of any Cloud Server. Resize up and back based on pre-set usage levels of server resources
juniper icon Premium Juniper networks. Multiple 10G upstreams to tier1/2 providers and massive Gbps/10G internal LAN network
firewall icon Add a dedicated Juniper SRX Gbps hardware firewall in front of some or all of your Cartika Infrastructure (VPS,Cloud,Bare Metal Server,Dedicated Server) for $150/month (add a redundant pair for $300/month)
support Cartika 24x7 Reactive Management included with every Cloud VPS Server. Phone, Live Chat and Ticket support is always available. Full Proactive Management and Advanced Secured Compliant Management available
cartika commandlayer Using the Cartika CommandLayer, create a single pane of glass to manage pools of resources and create and deploy services across different types of infrastructure across multiple countries
cartika anycast dns Manage your DNS records using the Cartika Anycast DNS solution. Globally Distributed, High Availability DNS solution. Quickly and easily configure and clone DNS records with a simply pricing model based solely on the number of domains
server Each Cloud node comes equipped with 8-16 cores, 96-256GB RAM and Redundant 2N A+B power feeds
utility-upgrade Multiple Operating System options including Linux (various flavours), Debian and Windows. A full compliment of pre-built templates and application stacks 
auto-scaling Horizontal Scaling - Seamlessly configure load balancers and add/remove Public &/or Private Cloud Servers from your load balancer array 
kvm icon Latest KVM virtualization technology delivered on the latest kernels
vpn Add private VPN access for senstive and secured communication for $5/month/user