Managed High Availability Clusters

Whether your objective is increased reliability or horizontal scalability, or both, Cartika's managed clusters are the ideal solution

Managed Redundant Clusters

Target Audience

  • Businesses requiring horizontal scaling and an active/active cluster of web and database services
  • When downtime is simply not an option and services must be available near instantly in case of failure to your primary application installation or the underlying infrastructure
  • Businesses running legacy applications not designed for clustering and high availability, yet want to ensure minimal time to recover in case of disaster
  • Businesses requiring private infrastructure, public infrastructure or hybrid approaches with respect to serving their applications, scaling their applications and achieving redundancy

We proactively manage your environment, as well as the underlying infrastructure, so  you don't have to.

Wide range of supported platforms

Regardless of the application stack in place, Cartika can improve your reliability and recoverability

If you are hosting an application on IIS or Apache, if your back end is MS SQL, MySQL, pgSQL, SAPSQL or MongoDB, Cartika can design, build and maintain a highly available, redundant and recoverable environment

Flexible Infrastructure

Customize your infrastructure to fit your requirements

No one size fits all. Here at Cartika, you can build the infrastructure you want. Whether it is private nodes with private virtualization, instances in our public clouds, or any combination of public/private hybrids. Cartika will work with you to build and design your ideal infrastructure and managed services solution.


Your business deserves BOTH reliable infrastructure with guaranteed uptime and 24×7 support