Advanced Compliance

Managing extremely sensitive data carries risk to business owners and executives personally, as well as, significant risk to your organizations. Personal Health Data, Financial Data, and Children’s Data are examples of data services with the most stringent requirements and the most stringent penalties


Cartika can help your organization meet the most advanced compliance requirements

If your business is storing personal data considered extremely sensitive, our Advanced Compliance Management is a requirement to meet your Compliance requirements and protect your business. Personal Health Data (HIPAA, HITECH, PHIPA), Personal Financial Data (SOX, FISMA, GLB) and Children’s Data (COPPA) all carry significant requirements to meet compliance.

Penalties and criminal ramifications against business owners and executives is a very legitimate concern in some scenarios, and the liability risk to the organization is too large to ignore. In this model, the Cartika technical team continuously monitors all critical systems and services, notifying you whenever something appears to be out of the ordinary. Whether it’s a high resource utilization, full disk partition, or security incident – we will be on top of things at all times.

Advanced Compliance includes additional physical and process protection, including things like hardware Juniper firewalls, extensive audit review on deployments, change management procedures, incident logging and extended big data analytics retention.

Advanced Compliance Add-ons

Recommended Add-Ons:

Ideal Users and Applications:

  • Any business storing Personal Data requiring to meet various compliance requirements (ex. GDPR, PIPEDA)
  • Customers who want to ensure their 24×7 services are proactively monitored and handled immediately
  • Applications requiring higher levels of security protection and uninterrupted performance
  • Environments requiring analysis of events that could eventually lead to issues

Advanced Compliance Includes these platforms

Advanced Compliance – Pricing Details


Advanced Compliance Includes a minimum of 2 Operating System installs to separate the application from the database. Configurations may include any combination of physical or virtual servers.

  • $999/month – Includes Advanced Compliance Management on 2 Servers and/or VM’s
  • $599/month – Additional Advanced Compliance Management cost for each additional server/vm required for your application
  • Cartika Infrastructure costs additionally apply


  • Platforms included (Backups, Endpoint Security, Big Data Analytics, Access Management)
  • Includes 1 AD/LDAP user
  • Includes 1 VPN user
  • Juniper Hardware Firewall
  • Incident logging and reporting
  • Change Management Process
  • Trained and Certified Staff
  • Proactive monitoring and response of every facet of the service including access events, security events, physical system and application level events
  • 1-year big data retention
  • 500GB backup space included for each Server/VM
  • $25/month additional 500GB backup space
  • $10/month per additional AD/LDAP user
  • $5/month per additional VPN user
  • $5/day additional Big Data Retention for all Servers/VM’s in the cluster
  • $250/month – Redundant Juniper Hardware Firewall

Disaster Recovery

Cartika clearly outlines the level of disaster recovery a user can expect to receive with each level of service. With Cartika Proactive Management, Cartika will return the Server or VM to the point of the latest full/incremental backup.

Customers can choose the frequency and retention period of backups (with our default configuration set to daily backups with 15 restore points). Customers can opt to have backups taken multiple times per day, maintain longer retention periods, replicate backups with the same or different frequency to multiple locations. Additionally, many customers will configure multiple managed environments, will have their application replicate to accommodate high availability, as well as, many various configurations which would dramatically reduce or practically completely negate the requirement ever to perform a full Disaster Recovery scenario.

With a Proactively Managed Public Cloud and IaaS Service by Cartika – We are responsible for restoring your environment in case of a Disaster Recovery Scenario.

Managed IaaS Physical Servers will be restored using our BMR technology. Restore times are purely dependent on the amount of data being restored.

Managed Public Cloud Virtual Servers can be restored immediately from the latest snapshot available from the customer, then the latest file/database structure can be restored within minutes from our backup system.

Lacking a recent VM snapshot/template, VM’s can be restored in the following manners:

a) a *nix VM can be restored from the latest file level backup via our inhouse technology to build a bootable template from the latest incremental file/db level backup.  This process is extremely quick, and the VM can be booted within a few minutes.

b) Windows VMs can utilize our BMR technology, and a VM can be restored within minutes to hours depending on the volume of data. For all VM environments (and more specifically Windows VM’s), we highly recommend customers take regular snapshots to have available in case a Disaster Recovery scenario is required.


Your business deserves BOTH reliable infrastructure with guaranteed uptime and 24×7 support