Big Data Analytics

Get a real time view of your systems computing power, trends and potential chokepoints


Cartika Big Data Platform

Big data is a term used to refer to the study and applications of data sets that are so big and complex that traditional data-processing application software, and human processing, are inadequate to deal with, and properly assess and analyze.

At Cartika, we deal with 1000’s of managed environments, a large array of various types of infrastructure, complex networks, complex security platforms, access and identity platforms, various operating systems and across multiple geographies. The amount of raw data created across these devices, services, networks and platforms is simply astounding.

The internet has experienced a massive increase in frequency and sophistication of malicious behavior, along with an exponential increase in complexity. It has simply become impossible, for even the best System and Network Administrators to effectively manage and identify potential issues, trends in activity, trends in threats, let alone provide proactive measures to preserve reliability, security, compliance and performance. Additionally, applications are becoming more complex, agile development and potentially hyper scaling applications, present a massive issue for business owners and their development teams.

Properly assessing resource requirements, identifying potential application bottlenecks, and ultimately maintaining availability, while maintaining compliance, is becoming a huge concern for every business.

As such, Cartika has deployed a Big Data platform to collect, organize and report data required to effectively manage environments, manage compliance and security in a proactive manner.  As you would expect with Cartika, we transpose and make clearly visible this data to our customers within our accounts portal.  We allow customers to customize their data views beyond what we already provide, and configure notifications against your own data analytics to your own team.

*** Cartika Big Data Analytics Platform is available and provided for all customers with Managed Stacks, Proactive Management and Advanced Compliance Management. This platform is not available as a stand alone “as-a-Service” offering at this time.

Cartika Big Data Analytics

From within your Cartika accounts portal, and for every managed service, Cartika customers can view a full dashboard, of pre-defined data views, relevant to their particular managed environment.  Advanced users can additionally create their own data views with all of the available data.  However, for the majority of users, the pre-defined and pre-built views we create for our own staff, are available by default:

       Cartika Big Data Customer Portal View

Additionally, every Managed Services customer, can view an extensive amount of data from their physical/virtual environment, as well as, the applications and software operating on top of your infrastructure.

       CPU and RAM Utilization

       PHP by User, Network Data, File System and Disk IO

       Extensive Apache Web Server Data

       HTTP Performance and Error Reporting

       Detailed PHP Performance Metrics

       Extensive database analytics for MySQL, pgSQL, MSSQL and MongoDB


Your business deserves the power of big data analytics.