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IT Services for Medical Offices

IT Services for Medical OfficesIn this day and age, nearly every industry relies on technology to make its day-to-day operations run smoothly. Whether it’s your point of sale, shared files, or the storage of sensitive information, you depend on these systems to work without interruption, so that you can do the same. High-quality, reliable IT services are especially crucial to the medical industry. Patient data, workflow systems, and personal computers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the combination of medical bookkeeping and technology.

Here are Cartika’s three must-haves for any medical office’s IT services.

  1. Simplicity breeds efficiency

In a traditional medical office, the process of following up with a patient is no simple task. You’ll have to find the hard copy of their patient file, review it for their medical history, find the contact information, and finally, reach out to them. Even if every piece of paper is in the place you expect it to be, and even if the patient picks up the phone, you’ve spent a bare minimum of five minutes on a single task.

Now imagine the same process in a medical office with top-tier IT services. You look up the patient’s information in your secure database. With just a few clicks, you’re now looking at every record on file for this patient. From here, the follow-up process could be automated, with emails or phone calls going out to patients to schedule follow-up appointments. This will save time and energy that should be going towards your practice.

  1. Make it easy for them

In the age of information, many users expect a certain degree of convenience when booking appointments. A large portion of people will look for online portals, webforms, and easy-to-find contact information pages when booking an appointment. Not only do these practices help get patients in the door, it helps them to feel that they’re in capable hands. A prospective patient is more likely to use your services if there is an easy and effective way to get in touch. If you don’t streamline your intake process, you risk turning away patients before even seeing them.

  1. Don’t settle for downtime

A common worry for offices going paperless and shifting to managed IT infrastructure is the question of downtime. Unlike restaurants or corporate offices, businesses in the medical sector can’t afford to take a day off if the server goes down. This worry has stopped some offices from modernizing their systems, and it’s more than valid. In all industries, it’s important to choose a reliable IT service provider. In the medical industry, it’s essential. Choosing a company with proactive management, real time alerts, and constant monitoring is a must, and can mean the difference between workplace synergy, and total chaos.

If your medical office is ready to take the first step from paper records and physical filing, and enter the world of managed systems, look no further than Cartika. Our fully scalable managed IT services mean that every implementation is totally custom to your office’s unique limitations and strengths. All of Cartika’s file storage methods are 100% compliant with HIPAA and all other relevant data protection acts, and our team of IT experts is always monitoring the security of your systems. The peace of mind offered by Cartika’s medical office IT services is unparalleled in the industry, and is a must for any organization ready to take the next step in serving the patients of the future.

If you’re ready to get started in implementing IT services to your medical office, contact Cartika today.