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Cartika Introduces Its Microsoft Exchange Cloud Platform To The US and Canada

This month, we're announcing a new addition to our suite of managed cloud applications: the Cartika Microsoft Exchange Cloud Platform. Microsoft Exchange needs no introduction: it's the world's leading enterprise collaboration and email solution, powering the communication of hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide.Email has been a key part of business life for three decades. It's the lifeblood of business communications, and when your email goes down, business grinds to a halt. Email hosting is a critical part of business infrastructure, which is why you should choose a host with a long record of excellent uptime, performance, and reliability. Our Microsoft Exchange Cloud Platform combines the power of Microsoft's software with Cartika's renowned clustered cloud platform and management services. The result is a best-in-class email solution with unprecedented reliability and performance for $6 a month for each account. Cartika's Microsoft Exchange Cloud Platform can be hosted in both our US and Canadian facilities. We guarantee that data stored in these facilities will remain within the chosen region, ensuring that companies have complete transparency into the regulatory regime under which their data is stored. The ability to choose a location gives businesses the ability to implement compliance processes with full confidence that their data will remain where they want and expect it to be. As Cartika clients have come to expect, our Microsoft Exchange service includes generous 20 GB mailboxes for every user. It also comes complete with a managed security suite that includes Microsoft Forefront and SpamExperts. Because email is such an important part of modern business communication, carrying the burden of information exchange between employees, vendors, and customers across the world, the proper management of email storage and data integrity is crucial. Cartika's Microsoft Exchange Cloud Platform also includes a minimal configuration integration with Bacula4, Cartika's ultra-reliable backup solution. Bacula4 will provide Microsoft Exchange Cloud clients with 15 daily restore points for each mailbox. Email accounts are deployed with our easy-to-use management and billing interface, alongside your other Cartika services. The hosting venue — the US or Canada — is chosen at the time of account creation. All email accounts include included a standard Microsoft Exchange installation, along with licenses for Outlook and Outlook for Mac, as well as Outlook Web Access. Microsoft Exchange clients can access our round-the-clock Proactive Support services, which offer 24/7 email, phone, and live chat support.