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Cartika launches Big Data to round out our Managed Services and IaaS Compliance initiatives

After nearly 20 years providing Managed Infrastructure Services, Cartika has continually evolved our services and now integrating Big Data into our offerings to keep up with the ever-changing reality of Data Services and Cloud Computing. With the NSA toolkits being made public last year, security and breaches both increased in severity and frequency. Sadly, as we slowly discovered, the NSA toolkits did not just impact a few out of maintenance Windows Operating Systems as was originally reported. Every Operating System was impacted to various degrees, and the "toolkits" themselves was more than just a pre-fab set of existing hacks, they were literally a set of "toolkits" that became weaponized in the hands of skilled hackers across the globe. Organizations were simply not prepared to handle breaches of this scale and magnitude, leaving software and Operating System vendors scrambling to patch software, and IT departments scrambling to ensure their data, and their customer's data was safe. Resultant outcry regarding data security and privacy has resulted in new compliance standards (ie GDPR) being created, as well as restructuring existing compliance requirements (PIPEDA, HIPAA, SOX/FISMA) to modernize their scope and penalties in cases where compliance is not met. Understanding that the environment has changed, and the game has changed, we quickly realized we needed to adapt our approach. With a lack of solutions and technology in place to properly maintain and manage environments, we began building solutions within our existing back up and disaster recovery platform (previously called "Bacula4", and now being re-branded and re-positioned to "Clusterlogics"). With the existing integrated and granular Backup and Disaster Recovery platform, and the addition of Big Data, End Point Security, and Access Management and Controls, we can provide our customers with environments which meet and exceed even the most stringent compliance requirements they may face. The amount of data being generated within our environments and our networks is simply incredible. When combined with the massive increase in sophistication of cyber attacks, we quickly moved towards Big Data, Machine Learning and AI to address our concerns. As of today, and moving forward, all new Managed Services customers with Cartika will receive this entire stack of tools. We believe we are the first Managed Services Provider to take such drastic steps towards providing fully managed stacks and offering such services as integral components to any IaaS or Cloud initiative within an organization. Organizations, no matter the size, are simply not able to build and maintain such tools, nor should this be their objective. Cartika is doing this to scale, and building environments which can be used by all of our customers, leaving IT departments to focus on what they do best. Build and design IaaS environments, plan and co-ordinate Cloud strategies, build, maintain and integrate applications, and leverage data back into the organization to drive efficiencies and revenues. As of today, all existing Cartika (with the appropriate services) customers will see a "Big Data" section within their accounts portal. Along with your own custom notifications section to notify you of certain items within your environment based on the data presented to you for your environment, from our Big Data platform. Customers can also run queries against their data to achieve any view or granularity they desire. We do ask that all existing customers with existing services be patient as we are rolling out the new tools to existing installs. Customers, in the interim, may see partial or empty dashboards, etc. This will be resolved over the coming days and weeks as we configure each managed environment with the full stack and full view of the services they are running within their environment. As a preview, please see some sample data and views below This screen capture above is a snippet of our customer accounts portal and view. We have pre-built all sorts of dashboards and views (see below), however, customers are also able to create and customize their own views. Whether they are concerned with APM data, data to assist them in tracking down errors in their code, access data, or anything else they require, can be accomplished from within the accounts portal, by customizing queries to your specifications. Customers without senior technical resources can take advantage of our full screen of pre-configured dashboards, data, and views which will allow them to easily see and understand the most important aspects of their managed environment Whether is something as simple as PHP processes and a breakdown of resources used by each PHP process, or file system, disk space and IOPs usage Or more complex items like monitoring slow Database (ie MySQL) queries, and overall MySQL performance, response, and activity level, our pre-built Dashboards offer you everything you need to have a full and complete view into your Managed environments. Other data we include is Redis caching dashboards, Apache and IIS interfaces, along with some extensive APM data options for advanced developers For all the Wordpress developers and providers out there, we have a very tight integration with Wordpress, showing you the performance of all of your installs, who is generating errors, who's Wordpress installs are loading slowly, and most importantly, the CPU and RAM usage of each Wordpress install you are hosting and managing Lastly, as with our other platforms we utilize in our environment (ie Backups and our Backups-aaS offering), Cartika will be launching this Big Data-as-a-Service platform and initially enable customers to leverage this platform against any infrastructure hosted anywhere. Eventually evolving into a full suite of Big Data - as - a - Service offerings accepting data sources from anywhere and leveraging our platform to create dashboards and display and work with your data, from as many sources as you can imagine, however, and as is best suited to you and your business. Again, we thank all existing customers for their patience while this Big Data platform is rolled out to our existing installs, and we hope both existing and new Cartika customers are as excited about Big Data and Managed Services as we are