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Major New Enhancements for Cartika’s IaaS Cloud Server Platform

Cartika IaaS UpgradesOur recently restructured IaaS cloud server platform was the result of our fifteen year legacy of pioneering new managed application and web hosting services. During this time, we have constantly worked with clients to determine how to best meet their most demanding IT challenges. We have also remained keenly aware of how competitors have been approaching the market as it has evolved. Rather than follow the trend of many in the market who sell inclusive, “all or nothing” cloud services, we want to provide our partners and clients with options. Our innovative idea is remarkably simple and timely - let people buy what they actually want, instead of charging for bundled services they don’t need.  We do this by using a multi-tiered model that provides the flexibility, performance and support every good cloud solution should have - without the limitations and restrictions found with many other vendors. To complement our new flavor of IaaS services, we also provide a robust Backup-as-a-Service solution. It’s seamlessly woven into our existing modular add-ons, including the Cartika Backup-as-a-Service platform, no-fuss load balancing, and a range of server management choices. We are pleased to announce two significant new enhancements to our IaaS cloud server platform - both based on direct feedback from our customers. First, partners and clients now have the ability to load their own ISOs and directly boot VMs from them. This greatly improves flexibility when migrating between non-homogenous Hypervisor (HV) platforms. It also lets users customize and personalize their installs, and easily perform traditional Bare Metal Restores (BMRs) on our virtualized platform. The second major upgrade is that we’ve added integrated SSH key support that lets customers to upload their SSH keys and install them on any VM within their account. This enables more efficient management of VMs for System Administrators and other IT personnel. It also streamlines management procedures and enables the seamless expansion of a client’s footprint into our cloud without changing their existing processes. And There’s Still More to Come! As we continue to look ahead and evolve, many other new capabilities have been added to our product roadmap. The first one coming very soon is support for full client area APIs, including robust API integrations into our IaaS platform. This will allow users to programmatically manage their footprint across the entire Cartika account. Client area APIs will provide significant benefits for our partners as well - making it extremely easy for them to sell, provision and configure VMs for their clients using existing portals and systems. In the near future, we are looking to further enhance our Backup-as-a-Service software to allow VM migrations from non-homogenous HV platforms to Cartika’s IaaS platform. A little further down the road, we also have plans to expand storage infrastructure tiers and add functionality to perform replication between facilities. Our continued goal is to offer partners and customers more choice and flexibility so they can leverage our environment to meet their exact needs. We are structuring our services to adapt to the core IT processes used by our clients - not the other way around!