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Cloud Email Just Got Flexible! Single Domain Exchange and POP/IMAP

Cartika Cloud EmailThe way email is being hosted and managed has changed at Cartika, and we’re really excited about it! For a long time now we have been trying to solve a problem with how email accounts are allocated between shared users on a single domain. Most business-class email users typically need the full functionality of Microsoft Exchange™. But, there are many instances when a group of corporate users is best-served with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of POP/IMAP accounts. Until now, a service allowing both Exchange and POP/IMAP accounts on a single domain didn’t exist. Our engineering team has risen to the challenge. Cartika’s new Email-as-a-Service (EMaaS) offers feature-rich reliability, performance, and resiliency. In addition, the benefits apply equally well for those looking to upgrade, migrate or resell our flexible and affordable new platform. We have not seen this type of service anywhere on the market and our goal was to provide an innovative way for clients to customize their email solutions to fit their needs and budgets perfectly.

How Does it Work?

Take for example a business with 100 employees. Normally, a large majority of users in a company that size would require the full functionality of Exchange. However, there are always a number of infrequent or less sophisticated users who really don't benefit from the robust functionality that Exchange offers. Until now, every user on a specific email domain had to have one type of email service or another. In other words, if 80% of the users needed Exchange, then all users would be forced to have Exchange. With our new hybrid approach, your business can set up each cloud email accounts on either Exchange, IMAP, or POP and each account is billed for the appropriate level of service. Exchange and POP/IMAP accounts are distinctly different in terms of cost. For the full functionality and licensing of Exchange, users are charged $8/month which includes the following comprehensive package:

  • A powerful suite of antivirus and antispam utilities, with inbound and outbound email filtering
  • 20GB mailboxes
  • 15 daily self-service restore points through our Backup-as-a-Service solution
  • Access to our Proactive Management plan, complete with 24×7 email, phone, and live chat support

Using POP/IMAP accounts only costs $3/month per user and includes Outlook Web Access (OWA) for webmail. For more detail about the account comparisons, visit our Cloud Email page.

Exchange or POP/IMAP?

Here are the basic differences between email account types in our EMaaS offering. POP, or “Post Office Protocol” is the most basic form of email protocol. It creates local copies of emails and deletes originals off the remote server. This takes up little to no space on the remote server, since files are stored locally. It’s a simple and classic solution, but it lacks the flexibility that the others offer with syncing. With IMAP, or “Internet Message Access Protocol,” emails are kept on remote servers, available from many access points and clients, but have a limited mailbox size. IMAP offers access to your email both on-line and off-line. This type of email typically uses SMTP to send requests to the MX record (mail exchanger).SMTP Transfer Model Microsoft Exchange offers cloud-based email syncing similar to IMAP, but exclusive to Microsoft products. This gives users the ability to leverage more than just email. With Exchange, you can sync tasks, calendars, contacts, and collaborate. It uses Microsoft’s own MAPI protocol instead of SMTP to send mail, which supports integration into virtually every aspect of Microsoft’s suite of tools and software: SharePoint, Skype, Office 365, and more. It also gives an extra layer of security, on top of our numerous backup and spam-filtering services, to ensure your data is absolutely protected. This is the best solution for users who want to get the most from using EMaaS. Cartika EMaaS is available now for all users. If you’re an existing customer, you can go in right now and change each user to the mailbox type that best fits your usage and billing requirements. If you’re not yet using Cartika cloud email, you can sign up here to try out this exciting new service.