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Managed IT Services and ‘The IT Wizard’ - Not Quite the Same

We all know one. They’re there to help you troubleshoot the WiFi, untangle your cables, and figure out why your mouse is doing that thing again. But when it comes to the big leagues, the ‘IT Experts’ in our lives and workplaces are often left scratching their heads.

Often, decision-makers in large companies are a little bit confused when distinctions are drawn between a friendly neighbourhood IT wizard, and professionally managed IT services. After all, they’re both in IT - what difference could it possibly make? As it turns out, quite a lot. This is not to detract from the work of those in IT - a knowledgeable, experienced IT expert can be an invaluable asset to your company. Instead, think of the difference between an IT expert and managed IT services like the difference between a fork and a spoon - both useful, but only when the situation calls for it.

So what does a professionally managed IT service give you that your local IT wizard can’t?

  1. Resources

One simple advantage of working with a managed IT service provider is the resources that become available. By working with a company like Cartika, you gain access to infrastructure and systems that would take years to replicate, not to mention the costs associated. Having access to these resources provides a lot of flexibility in the kind of services you take advantage of, giving you more freedom to expand the IT side of your business.

  1. An outside perspective

Another valuable asset provided by managed IT services is the chance to get a fresh set of eyes on your IT scenario. Your in-house expert might not have the objectivity needed to really identify where changes could be made. An IT service provider will help you choose a package that makes the most sense for your company, for today, and for tomorrow.

  1. Knowledge of new technologies

An advantage of working with the industry experts at Cartika is their thorough understanding of current technologies, and their passion for learning about new ones. Your current IT staff certainly shares this drive for new and exciting advancements, but might not have the time or resources needed to really learn them, let alone implement them into your business. Our dedication to improvement is what lets Cartika - and our clients - stay on the cutting edge of technology.

  1. Scalability

Another big plus of working with Cartika’s managed IT services is the potential for scalability. We can help you plan the services your company needs right now, and still leave room to add or remove features as needed. Like anything else, your company is dynamic, in motion. It’s simply the smarter move to set yourself up for success in the future, rather than tying yourself down to IT services that will become obsolete or unnecessary in just a few years. With Cartika, you can get unlimited flexibility, allowing you to adjust your IT services according to the scale of your company. In other words, Cartika grows with you.

Still have questions about managed IT services, or how implementing them can help grow your business? Wondering how to start upgrading your one-person IT department to a full-scale infrastructure? For all things IT, think Cartika.