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Superb Crew Interviews Cartika CEO Andrew Rouchotas

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Cartika began in 1999 as an application hosting and support firm. In 2000, the company purchased its first server and this was the beginning of our evolution to platform and infrastructure hosting. They added a colocation facility in Dallas and expanded to Toronto – Silicon Valley North. Today, the company has Network Operations Centers in both cities, with development offices in Russia and the Ukraine. Those locations are where solutions such as Cartika’s IaaS cloud platform and Bacula4 backup system were conceived of and created. Below is our interview with Andrew Rouchotas, CEO of Cartika:

The Interview

Q: You’ve recently announced the launch of your new reseller model called the Premium Partner Program; could you tell us something more? A: The goal of this innovative new approach is to give our reselling partners complete control over the environments they manage for their clients while Cartika takes care of the day-to-day infrastructure management tasks and support. Also, our partners have access to a wide range of add-on solutions that can be seamlessly added to the platform, giving them a broad portfolio of on-demand IT services to help grow revenues. Q: The new program includes your Proactive Management package; what is it exactly? A: Nobody can afford down time any more, so we provide 24/7 ‘live’ management and support. Our partners have their own core competencies to focus on – Cartika ensures that they don’t need to manage infrastructure. Clearly it’s in both our best interest, and that of our partners, to be proactive, and constantly monitoring and updating the environment. Q: What are main benefits of your Bacula4 Backup-as-a-Service? A: Bacula4 was created by our in-house developers to go beyond typical cloud backup services. The most important difference is the ability to take “snapshots” in time of not just data, but applications, the operating system and indexing databases. This allows for speedy restore to a stable state. We also make it possible to restore both locally and remotely. For disaster recovery – where local restoration may not be possible – this is critical. Q: What are your plans? A: There are several answers to this, so in no particular order: - Big Data. Platforms and infrastructure need to be responsive to the system demands of big data. We are testing Big Data against our environments to identify potential issues proactively and to help our staff and customers identify application, security and performance issues. On the flip side, company infrastructure often needs to be upgraded to accommodate the bandwidth, processing power and ability to sort and sift this data for what’s relevant to you. - Compliance. Data security is in the news daily. Personal data breaches concern everybody, and ruin companies’ reputations. We’ve long been believers of early adoption of compliance standards as a part of infrastructure. We’re already providing SOX, FISMA, HIPAA and GDRP compliance solutions. We’re also rolling out new solutions like Access Management using Big Data to report and generate compliance reports on Access and centralized end point security. We funnel this data into our Big Data platform to provide deeper intelligence and automation on both incident and action reports. - Artificial Intelligence. Layering AI on top of our various big data initiatives and platforms increases reaction sophistication to identify and resolve threats, and ensure compliance. These can be very difficult for humans to detect, especially over large, complex environments with 1000s of customers. These areas are where our clients and partners aren’t expected to be experts – so they need to know they can rely on Cartika.