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The Cartika Survey: We Listened And Here’s What We’re Doing

Keeping you, our clients, happy and providing the services you need is the reason Cartika exists. We recently sent out a survey so we could find out how well you think we’re doing. We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to respond. The results made all of us happy. You love our service, support, and performance. We take the results of the survey seriously and over the coming months we’ll be looking at implementing a number of the enhancements you suggested we could make to our service. Some of the things you said would improve our hosting plans and service are already online, and others will be soon. In this article I’d like to discuss what we’re working on right now.

cPanel Reseller Hosting

A lot of you asked for this, and you’ll be happy to learn that we already offer cPanel Reseller Hosting based in both the US and Canada. Our cPanel accounts include all the good stuff you’ve come to expect from Cartika, including super fast storage, generous resource limits, geographically dispersed cloud DNS, outbound and inbound spam filtering, Nginx static content delivery, a huge range of script installers, Bacula4Hosts backup with self-service restore.

Parallels/Plesk Solutions

A very popular request that we immediately implemented. Plesk template options have been made available for all of our IaaS Cloud VPS offerings.  Additionally, we will be launching Plesk-based Windows Reseller Solutions in the very near future.

Service Announcement System

You asked for customizable alerts of any maintenance on our platform that might affect you. You got it! We have already created such a solution for our new portal, and as soon as we finish integrating H-Sphere billing/logins into this new platform, we will activate the new notifications platform and forum notifications will be gone forever. The new notifications platform is granular; we can notify specific customers on specific services with only the items relevant to them.  Notifications can be turned on or off within your portal and can be easily managed with a calender view.

Sitebuilder PaaS

For those of you who asked for a quick and easy platform for building and deploying websites, we’re introducing a Platform-as-a-Service feature based on the Parallels Web Presence Builder, which includes intuitive and elegant design tools for creating mobile friendly sites. Clients will be able to choose from thousands of industry specific templates with full support for HTML, JavaScript, PHP and other scripting solutions. The sites can include full-featured eCommerce functionality, blogging with comments, and social media integration, among other features.

Cloud Files

Many of you requested a Dropbox-like solution for hosting your files on our platform. We’re happy to oblige and soon you’ll be able to access our cloud storage service via your Cartika client portal.

The Cartika Blog

We asked you what you wanted to see on our blog, and we heard you loud and clear. In the future you can expect to see regular posts on security, content management systems, news that affects site owners and eCommerce retailers, and much more. Once again, thanks to all who responded to our survey. We hope you’re happy with what we’re doing to provide the services you asked for. Feel free to get in touch if you have any further suggestions.