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We've Restructured Our IaaS Cloud Servers To Provide Even Better Value

With the restructuring of our IaaS cloud server platform, we offer even better value for money with a tiered structure that empowers enterprise cloud clients to choose the best resource profile for their workloads. We've been hosting enterprise clients for a decade and half. Over the years we've developed a deep insight into the infrastructure hosting needs of business. To further empower our clients to deploy — and pay for — exactly the infrastructure they need, we've restructured our infrastructure-as-a-service offering.There are now three cloud server tiers: SATA, SAS, and SSD. We based the tiers on our experience of how clients use the IaaS platform for real-world workloads and the limitations we've seen in the cloud marketplace. Many cloud vendors offer a one-size-fits-all solution. You can scale storage, but you'll also pay for increased CPU and RAM resources — even if they won't be used. If choosing to increase storage also means paying for more CPU, RAM, and bandwidth, the platform is designed to benefit the cloud provider's bottom line, not to offer maximum value and flexibility to clients. To take a typical example: a business needs a cloud server for bulk file storage. This isn't a use case that requires fast SSD drives or massive processing power. Our SATA tier is the perfect fit — inexpensive storage coupled with a server performance profile that matches the use-case. Unlike with many cloud vendors, there's no need to scale up — and pay for — expensive SSD-based servers to store data at volume. The SATA tier starts at $5 per month for 200GB of storage, a single CPU, and 512MB of RAM. Of course, you can scale up the SATA storage as needed without being forced to increase CPU or RAM (although you can if you want). For workloads that require increased storage performance, the SAS tier — also fully customizable — provides faster storage and an enhanced resource profile. And for workloads that need no-compromise performance, the SSD tier offers best-in-class I/O throughput, making it perfect for critical database, eCommerce, and publishing applications where every second counts. Combined with our existing modular add-ons, including the Cartika Backup-as-a-service platform, no-fuss load balancing, and server management solutions, we offer a uniquely flexible cloud solution without the bundling costs and limitations of other cloud platforms.  

  Image: Flickr/hey paul