Watson’s Making Waves: What This Could Mean For Healthcare Tech

 July 14, 2015

Watson and Healthcare ITEarlier this year, some of the world’s leading experts on artificial intelligence met in Puerto Rico for a private conference. The purpose? To determine whether or not intelligent machines would be good for human society or bad.

Not surprisingly, IBM’s Watson Supercomputer was a central topic of discussion. First developed in 2005 by IBM Research, Watson enjoyed its first real moment in the spotlight when it defeated Jeopardy winners Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings. From there, it experienced a meteoric rise to fame, finding its footing in a host of different fields – healthcare among them. (more…)

Three Reasons You Should Choose Anycast DNS

 June 25, 2015

Choose Anycast DNSThe Domain Name Service is an essential part of the complex system that lets users connect to your website or application. It allows users to put a human readable URL — like cartika.com — into their browser and be connected to the server represented by that address. Essentially DNS translates URLs into IP addresses; it can be thought of as the Internet’s address book. Without DNS, there would be no way for users to connect to your site unless they already knew its IP address.

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We Love RBL Providers, But Every Few Years Someone Like SpamRats Comes Along

 June 10, 2015

SpamRatsIn the never ending battle against spam, the resultant eco-system has generated some really interesting dynamics.  Often times, organizations working in synergy to try and address and resolve spamming issues, and most importantly, keep legitimate email flowing to users, get caught in tug and war battles.  Often times, this is nothing more then newer players coming into a space they know little about and attempt to make their mark by flexing some muscle – when all that is actually required is a little common sense and an ability to work with each other.  This is what is happening right now with SpamRats(more…)

Backing Up Your Cloud – Are Snapshots Really Backups?

 June 04, 2015

Snapshot BackupsBacking up and recovering data hosted in “The Cloud” is becoming an increasingly hot topic in the market.  What is the proper way to do this?  Most platforms (Openstack, VMWare, OnAPP, Cloudstack, etc) and many Public/Private Cloud Providers out there list “snapshot” technology as the recommended mechanism to backup and restore your cloud data. But, are Snapshots really backups? (more…)

Why QuickSilk Chose Cartika To Host Its SaaS Platform

 May 05, 2015

QuickSilkCartika is pleased to announce that QuickSilk – an enterprise-level, subscription-based CMS  and hosting platform designed for simplicity – has chosen us as their official host for its SaaS offering. By tapping into our years of experience as a host, we’ve set QuickSilk up with a powerful, reliable, and affordable cloud platform that it can use to deliver QuikSilk to their clients. Full redundancy ensures downtime is negligible, and automatic backup through Bacula4 allows them to recover from even the most catastrophic bugs

But enough about us – let’s talk a little bit about them. (more…)

The Role Of SEO In Modern Web Design

 April 07, 2015

Role Of SEO Modern Web DesignThe web is a very different place from what it used to be. Trends such as mobile usage, semantic search, and social media have brought about a fundamental change in how users both seek out and consume content. Search engine optimization has had to change as a necessity – and that evolution has caused it to very closely intersect with web design. (more…)

Why It’s High Time Healthcare Stopped Lagging Behind On Security

 March 25, 2015

Healthcare Lagging On ITLast month, Anthem Incorporated – one of the world’s leading health insurance companies – made a very grim announcement to shareholders and clients. It was, a representative explained, the target of a “very sophisticated external cyberattack,” which allowed hackers to gain unauthorized access to its IT systems. The personal information of eighty million clients – data ranging from birthdays and names to medical IDs, social security numbers, street addresses, email addresses, and employment history – was compromised. (more…)

What Can Load Balancers Do For Your Site?

 March 05, 2015

What Load Balancers Do For YouLets say you have very popular website. It’s been chugging along fine for the last couple of months; your server has handled the load perfectly well. But as your site becomes ever more popular, the server starts to show the strain — too many connections swamp the available memory, pages load slowly, and sometimes not at all. It’s time for an upgrade. (more…)

Enterprises Don’t Have To Choose Between The Public And Private Cloud

 March 24, 2014

Public & Private CloudMuch of the thinking around data storage and processing construes enterprise data as an undifferentiated mass. The reality is very different. Data is differentiated across multiple axes: from low to high value, from business critical to potentially useful, from highly sensitive to publishable, and from time sensitive to archival, among many other potential lines of variation. No one-size-fits-all solution can be sufficient to accommodate the matrix of potential species of data and their meaning to a particular enterprise.