eMail Solutions for Business

POP/IMAP Business Grade eMail Solutions

eMail Solutions
for Business

POP/IMAP Business Grade eMail Solutions

Ideal Customers

  • Businesses who do not want to use hypercloud services such as Google Apps and Office 365
  • Businesses requiring reliable pop/imap eMail services
  • Businesses worried about privacy concerns with their data hosted on massive hypercloud providers
  • Organizations with compliance requirements requiring their data to stay within certain geographies
  • Businesses who rely on their eMail availability, security and reliable delivery
  • Businesses who value enterprise grade spam filtering and access to quarantines and mail logs
  • Businesses with 100's or 1000's of eMail accounts/users can get an unlimited use private environment and avoid paying massive per user fees to hypercloud providers

key features

  • POP/IMAP eMail
  • Blacklist Free email service
  • Professional grade inbound and outbound spam filtering
  • User access to quarantines
  • User access to inbound/outbound mail server logs
  • 1 domain per account
  • Unlimited eMail forward
  • Unlimited eMail aliases
  • Mix and Match eMail box sizes by user
  • Webmail interface for all users
  • Access to restore IMAP mailboxes
  • No mass emailing (mass emails will be blocked). Please consider a transactional email service like PostMark for transactional eMails
  • Just rock solid and reliable pop/imap eMail services for your business


Account Fee


2GB Mailbox user


20GB Mailbox user


$50GB Mailbox user


$100GB Mailbox user