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Magento Hosting Services

Magento’s flexible, feature-rich open source and enterprise eCommerce solutions help you get the most from your online channel. More than 240,000 merchants worldwide put their trust in Magento eCommerce software. Magento’s platform gives you the tools you need to attract more prospects, sell more products, and make more money.

“We are eCommerce hosting specialists with deep expertise in Magento”

We have Linux Servers setup specifically for Magento Hosting. Our limited-use Shared Linux Servers are ideal for small businesses using the Community Edition of Magento. If you are a larger company, we can set you up on your own Linux Server pair (Web and MySQL server) on our physical VPS or with fully dedicated hardware.

ProductCart Hosting Services

Want to create a custom-tailored storefront for your digital business, but aren’t sure where to start? Why not choose ProductCart? This Windows-based eCommerce solution allows webmasters to choose from an impressive selection of theme-based designs to put together a fast, professional, and – most importantly – fully responsive layout for your store. Unlike many theme-based platforms, however, ProductCart allows you to customize everything about your store; down to the smallest detail.

“We can manage the installation, support, and hosting of ProductCart from end-to-end”

What’s more, ProductCart is built from the ground-up to help you optimize your store for search, and built-in mobile means you’ll be able to tap into what may well be eCommerce’s largest customer base. On average, mobile users are significantly more likely to convert than desktop users, and around a third of online purchases are made through a mobile device. That’s not a market you want to neglect – and with ProductCart, you won’t have to. If you are new to eCommerce do not worry, we can help you get your store setup and online quickly.

What Cogency Brings To The Table

As a host, eCommerce is Cogency’s specialty. What that means for you as a client is that even if you’re new to digital commerce, you’ll be able to get a professional-looking storefront up and running in mere moments. Magento and ProductCart are designed to be easy to use – and with Cogency on your team, it’ll be even easier. They are 100% committed to the success of their clients. They don’t offer any sweeping promises or overly-impressive claims. Instead, what they promise is hard work – that they’ll do whatever it takes to help you keep your storefront running as productively as possible.

More On Cogency

For more information on Cogency or to order one of their services, you can visit their website or send an email to [email protected]

Why Cognecy Partners with Cartika

Our journey to Cartika was not an immediate choice and was prefaced with about a year of talking with Andrew (Cartika Owner and CEO), and occasionally his support staff at all hours of the day.  We knew we needed to make a change from our previous provider and despite interviewing a dozen different companies, we kept circling back around to Cartika.  We officially made the move to Cartika in July of 2009 –  I believe I told Andrew at that time that I wanted him to help me emulate his own success to grow my business and if he could do that, I would become one of his strongest supporters well as one of his harshest critics.  I think we have both kept our word on that accord.  So, why did we choose Cartika?  There is just not one simple answer to that question.  I think what really convinced me was our lengthy discussions over the previous year and the fact Cartika seemed clearly committed to customer support and service as a first priority.  Simply put, Cartika “wanted” my business.   With Cartika as our full range Server Management Group we have grown from 2 servers in 2009 to roughly 30 of our own branded servers with customers on 2 continents spanning 5 countries.  So the question is not really ‘Why did we choose Cartika?’ but rather, Why have we chosen to stay with Cartika over the last 6 years and keep them at the heart our future expansion plans?

Mark Shipp – Cognecy Founder/Owner

Cogency considers each and every one of its clients to be a valued business partner – and at Cartika, that’s a relationship we can definitely understand. We’ve always held ourselves to a high standard when it comes to our hosting services – we firmly believe that no client should have to choose a low-grade host because of a restrictive budget. That’s why our hosting costs are some of the lowest in the industry, yet we still offer some of the best service.

That’s also why Cogency chose us. Backed by our enterprise-grade hardware and networks, it’s equipped with the capacity to provide its customers with exactly as much power as they need, and at a cost that won’t break the bank. They trust us to manage their infrastructure, and you can trust them to host your storefront. That’s a promise!


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