Take your business into the cloud and let us handle the infrastructure. Never worry about unpredictable IT costs again. Scale as needed with no hassle.



If your business needs a custom solution for the management of its finances, then you’ve come to the right place. Computrack’s specialty is Sage 300 ERP, which they use to create a powerful information system custom-tailored to each organization’s unique needs. And they won’t simply leave you to your own devices once it’s implemented – they’ll stick by your side, providing the highest level of service available.

Based out of Southern Ontario, they’re responsible for over 1,000 successful implementations, and serve more than two hundred satisfied – and long-term – clients. Become one of them today, and take management of your organization’s finances to a new level.

Why Partners with Cartika

For an organization so devoted to quality, Cartika was a natural choice for Computrack when choosing a vendor to take their solution “to the cloud”. Our dedication to providing clients with unparalleled service makes Cartika the natural choice, as did our guarantee of quality regardless of budget.

Backed by Cartika’s hardware and networks, Computrack can provide its clients with better service than ever before.

We manage their infrastructure so they can manage your finances. It’s a great partnership.

Why not see it in action for yourself?