Take your business into the cloud and let us handle the infrastructure. Never worry about unpredictable IT costs again. Scale as needed with no hassle.



HCE Telecom is a telecommunications provider, backed by Hamilton Utilities Corporation, serving businesses with head offices in the Golden Horseshoe and satellite offices across North America. HCE Telecom proudly owns, installs, innovates, and operates its own networks. Their carrier grade network employs only the highest quality equipment and is operated, maintained, and proactively monitored by a team of seasoned industry experts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

HCE Telecom provides a range of network services, including:

  • Connectivity Services
  • Business/Enterprise Internet
  • Cloud Services
  • Voice Services
  • Broadcast Video Transport
  • Co-location
  • Dark Fibre.

Whether your company is moving all of your applications into the cloud, or you are struggling to protect your data through an online backup solution, HCE Telecom can supply you with the bandwidth you need today and the support you’ll need down the road.

Why HCE Telecom Partners with Cartika

Both Cartika and HCE Telecom understand that every company is unique. We tailor our services to our customer’s specific needs. We want to meet today’s challenges and make sure we have the flexibility to grow with you for years to come.

Howard Rabb, Partner