Take your business into the cloud and let us handle the infrastructure. Never worry about unpredictable IT costs again. Scale as needed with no hassle.



At Huru, our goal is always to shorten your time to market by bridging the gap between development and operations. We strive to remove barriers that could hinder your project success while at the same time ensuring you get the most out of the infrastructure. Huru achieves this by helping your development team with automation of testing, deployments and monitoring of your applications. We will collaborate with your team to produce a plan that will help improve your software development practices so you can achieve continuous delivery. We can also roll up our sleeves and code with you if required.

Our DevOps services can be split into 3 categories, which can be complementary:

Infrastructure management – We help you manage your infrastructure on Cartika by closely aligning your application needs to the resources provided. We can help you scale your application up or down based on utilization so you are always getting the most of it while minimizing costs.
Code Inspection and Integration – Huru loves clean code. We can help your team refactor code so the application is ready for continuous delivery. To achieve continues delivery we engage in all aspects of development, help planing testing and design workflows to facilitate the freedom of mind that continuous delivery is able to provide.
Automation – Huru can help your organization automate code quality controls, testing and deployment of applications to different environments.

Why Huru Partners with Cartika

Cartika understands cloud services and infrastructure better than anyone we’ve ever met. Peerless technical support and assistance seals the deal. With a focus on DevOps, we strive to make systems run better and smarter. A partnership with Cartika’s managed applications philosophy takes us both to the next level.

Erick Dovale, Co-Founder