Add-on Components

Choose amongst our various add on components. Purchase them as stand alone services when available, or as add on's to your existing Cartika services

Load Balancers

United States &/or Canada

The Cartika Load Balancer Solution. Purchase a Load Balancer in the United States &/or Canada. Seamlessly add Virtual Machines from different tiers of storage (SATA, SAS, SSD) and different infrastructure (Private Cloud, Public Cloud VPS) to your load balancer array. Point and click functionality. Manage ports and configurations, add/remove servers to the balancer array.


Cartika CDN

Globally Distributed POP’s

The Cartika Content Delivery Network (CDN). Globally Distributed POP’s (Point of Presence) enabling our Customers the ability to seamlessly globally distribute and serve their content. No more manual and time-consuming code edits. The Cartika CDN offers an automated HTTP PULL method. Within minutes and a few clicks, your content is distributed and served over our global CDN.


Juniper VPN

Cartika Managed Juniper Cloud VPNs

Looking for a no-fuss virtual private network that can be configured to run exactly the way you want it?  You’re in the right place. Our VPNs are powered by Juniper – one of the world’s foremost providers of networking hardware. For you, that means you’ll have access to an unprecedented level of flexibility, freedom, and security.


Anycast DNS

Globally Distributed,
High Availability Anycast DNS

The Cartika Anycast DNS Solution. Cartika customers receive a FREE Anycast DNS account (1 domain). A globally distributed, high availability solution. Quickly and easily add domains to a global Anycast DNS service. Create as many records as required, handle as many queries as required and manage all of your domains associated services. Expedite the process by single click cloning records and configurations across multiple domains. A very simple and affordable pay per use model.




Cartika Management Services

No matter how skilled your IT staff, you aren’t in the business of maintaining servers, virtual machines, and hosting software. That’s where Cartika comes in. We have a dedicated, skilled, and experienced team always at the ready to assist you with any problems you encounter while hosting with us – no exceptions. Our services are available to all cloud, virtual machine, dedicated server, and web hosting clients.



Survive Even The Worst Crisis With Your
Data Intact

Even if your hardware never fails, it doesn’t follow that the information stored on your server is totally safe. There’s always a chance you might lose something—inclement weather, cyber crime, or even a simple software bug could corrupt or destroy your files. It’s vital that you keep regular, complete backups of your data.


Domain Names

Make Your Mark On The Web With A Unique Domain Names

Your brand name might be your business’s identity off the web, but the moment you step into the online world, it’s your domain name that’s truly important. Cartika is here to help and unlike many domain registrars, we’ll do it without gouging you. Our hassle-free domain name registration service starts at $10/year with a host of special offers for those of you who need to register in bulk.


Mobile VPNS

Keep Your Business As Mobile As It Needs To Be With Cartika

Using one of our secure, powerful mobile VPNS, you can ensure that your employees always have a secured connection to your organization, no matter where they happen to be. Better yet, we’ll handle setup and configuration—all you need to do is tell your staff about it. If you’ve an employee base that works on the go and you’re looking to keep them secure, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.


SSL Certificates

Keep Your Website Safe With
Strong Encryption

We’re storing more and more data online and that data is becoming increasingly sensitive. If you’re not protecting your data with encryption, then you’re potentially handing private information to cyber-criminals. Not only is that incredibly damaging to you personally, it can destroy any goodwill you have with your customers.