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If you’re looking to collaborate over the cloud, there are few better platforms than Microsoft Exchange and few better hosts than Cartika. Choose your location for Microsoft Hosted Exchange in either Dallas, the United States or Toronto, Canada.

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If you’re looking to collaborate over the cloud, there are few better platforms than Microsoft Exchange and few better hosts than Cartika. Choose to launch your Hosted Exchange services in the United States and/or Canada. Have compliance issues and need all of your data to stay within a specific country, not a problem! Just purchase the service in your preferred country and you will be automatically deployed there.  It’s really that simple.

In a matter of minutes, we’ll get you set up with a full-featured, utility based solution, complete with an easy-to-use management and billing platform. Rather than having to wrestle with hosting concerns, you’ll be able to get back to managing your team.


Here’s What Our Microsoft Hosted Exchange Cloud Clients Gain

Clients who sign up for one of our Microsoft Hosted Exchange packages gain access to all the features included in a standard installation of Microsoft Exchange, clustered in the cloud for complete reliability. This includes Outlook and Outlook for Mac licences, Microsoft Activesync and Outlook Web Access.

We’ll help you protect users with a powerful suite of antivirus and antispam utilities, including SpamExperts and Microsoft Forefront, while Blackberry users can take advantage of Blackberry Enterprise Server.

All users are equipped with 20 GB mailboxes. In the event that any of the data stored in those mailboxes should become lost or damaged, we provide 15 daily self-service restore points through the Bacula4Hosts backup solution.

Microsoft Hosted Exchange clients have access to our Proactive Management plan, complete with 24×7 email, phone, and live chat support.

All of this is available to you at an incredibly low price point. We only charge $6/month/user, with no hidden fees or caps to worry about. All of this is managed through our powerful billing portal, which makes configuring and modifying your server a breeze.


What Is Microsoft Hosted Exchange – And Why Should You Use It?

Microsoft Exchange is one of the most powerful and popular collaborative tools on the web, and the power behind Microsoft Outlook. First released in 1993, the Exchange Server has gone through a number of evolutions over the years, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is its value as a tool for business efficiency.

Today, Microsoft Hosted Exchange supports POP, IMAP, and web email clients, and allows users to share information through Outlook Web Access or Outlook.

It also features a number of enterprise-grade scheduling tools, and is compatible with virtually any device: your users can configure their email no matter where they are. If that sounds like something your business needs, then give Cartika a call.

Contact our sales department, and we’ll get you set up with a cloud server of your own right away!

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