Managed WordPress Stack

For businesses who rely on their WordPress installs. Proactively Managed and monitored environment. Compliance for collecting and storing personal data, and PCI DSS compliance for those processing transactions.

Since working with Cartika we have experienced no website hacks, no IP blacklists and 100% uptime. Working with Cartika has been great, and they are always just a phone call away. Cartika, they are reliable, they have exceptional customer service, and most importantly, they are secure.

Lindsay Viscount (CEO) & Srdjana Kasic (COO) - Longevity Graphics  

Managed and Compliant WordPress Cloud Stack for Business

Target Audience

Businesses and organizations running mission critical intranets and extranets on the Wordpress platform. Performance, availability and security are of the utmost importance to your business.

Businesses storing personal data on their Wordpress platform, maintaining compliance with storing and transmitting personal data under the Personal Data Protection Acts such as GDPR and PIPEDA.

Advanced Compliance Option- For organizations storing extremely sensitive Personal Health Data, Personal Financial Data and/or Children's Data - with compliance concerns adhering to HIPAA/HITECH, PHIPA and COPPA.

Managed WordPress Cloud Stack – Pricing Details


Managed WordPress Stack including Cartika Proactive Management

  • $399/month
  • Additional Costs – Cartika Infrastructure. Configure your desired infrastructure (Physical or Virtual)


  • Cartika Proactive Management
  • Personal Data Legislative Compliance
  • Choose between Dallas, Texas, United States and Toronto, Ontario, Canada locations to ensure any data sovereignty compliance requirements  
  • Platforms included (Backups, Endpoint Security, Big Data Analytics, Access Management)
  • Extensive Redis Caching layer for optimized performance
  • Includes 1 LDAP User
  • Includes 1 Mobile VPN User
  • 1 day Big Data Analytics retention
  • Create and configure your LDAP users for SSH and/or WordPress Admin Access
  • Authentication and access logging
  • Proactive monitoring and response of every facet of the service including access events, security events, physical system and application level events
  • 500GB backup disk space
  • $25/month per additional 500GB backup disk space
  • $10/month/additional LDAP user
  • $5/month per additional mobile VPN user
  • $2.50/day additional Big Data retention
  • VPN clients can be installed on any device
  • LDAP users can connect via SSH or WordPress Admin from anywhere

Cartika Wordpress Partner - Longevity Graphics

Cartika manages your Wordpress server environment.  Everything server side is taken care of for you. We manage the operating system, the server side stack (LAMP for example), End Point Security, Big Data, Backups, Firewall and everything else required to maintain compliance and keep your environment running efficiently and securely at all times.  If you require help with your Wordpress application, this is where our amazing Partners at Longevity Graphics come in to help you.  Services include:

Longevity Partner Page

  • Wordpress Design
  • Wordpress SEO
  • Full suite of Marketing Services
  • Wordpress patching, including plugins
  • Wordpress design and hosting for smaller sites not requiring their own environment


Your Wordpress site deserves secure, reliable service, along with the compliance requirements your business demands