Managed ownCloud File Storage

Scalable and Compliant File Storage for your Business. Seamless integration with any device, access and store data from anywhere. Advanced access management and controls, install packages for every device and seamless App integrations.

Cloud-Based File Storage

ownCloud is the most straightforward way to file sync and share data. You don’t need to worry about where or how to access your files. With ownCloud, all your data is where ever you are; accessible on all devices, any time.

Installs on any device, with extensive administrator WEB GUI to configure any file structure required. Extensive file tagging to accommodate lightening quick searches even across massive file volumes.

This is not your typical Managed ownCloud Solution.  Cartika provides Personal Data Compliance for GDPR, PIPEDA and any U.S. States already having Personal Data Protection Acts in place (NV, MA) and even those yet to be formalized (CA) and those yet to come.

A combination of flexible infrastructure requirements to meet any demand, REDIS caching, Big Data Analytics, Endpoint Security, Access Management and controls/logging are all included with the Cartika Managed ownCloud Stack offering.

Simply the most comprehensive Managed ownCloud offering available in the market.

Recommended Add-Ons:

  • Cloud eMail including full spam filtering, file sharing, calender sharing and more
  • Spamfiltering as a Service for pop/IMAP or Exchange services running on your local or remote infrastructure (included with Cloud eMail)
  • Snapshots – add snapshots to your IaaS resource pool and snapshot your VMs at any time (not available for dedicated servers)
  • AnycastDNS

Ideal Users and Applications:

  • Any business requiring secure and compliant cloud file storage.
  • Customers who want to ensure their 24×7 services are proactively monitored and handled immediately
  • ownCloud installs requiring higher levels of security protection, compliance and uninterrupted performance
  • Environments requiring analysis of events that could eventually lead to issues

Includes these platforms

Cartika utilizes various systems and platforms which enable us the ability to both proactively manage your environments and provide and maintain compliance. Proactive Management provides out of the box compliance for Personal Data Protection for your business. We have built a customized ownCloud stack to optimize performance, reliability and data compliance.

Redis Caching Layer

By default, for both performance and optimization of resource utilization, Cartika deploys a Redis caching layer with every ownCloud Managed Stack. Extensive Big Data Analytics into your Managed Stack Dashboard to properly manage your resources and capacity planning.

Managed WordPress Stack Redis Caching Analytics

Access Management

Access Management is an integral component of security, systems administration and maintaining compliance. Cartika provides you with an interface to create users in our AD/LDAP stacks. Customers create users, assign to groups and assign those groups to access various infrastructure and services. Users/Groups are being used to manage SSH access, Exchange/eMail users and/or access to your WordPress Admin area and other applications you are hosting with Cartika. A Big Data Analytics integration allows you to monitor access and maintain compliance.

Big Data Access Management Tracking and Logging

ownCloud Managed Stack – Pricing Details


Managed ownCloud Stack including Cartika Proactive Managementt

  • $399/month
  • Additional Costs – Cartika Infrastructure. Configure your desired infrastructure (Physical or Virtual)


  • Cartika Proactive Management
  • Personal Data Legislative Compliance
  • Platforms included (Backups, Endpoint Security, Big Data Analytics, Access Management)
  • Includes 1 LDAP User
  • Includes 1 Mobile VPN User
  • 1 day Big Data Analytics retention
  • Create and configure your LDAP users for SSH and/or ownCloud Application Access
  • Authentication and access logging
  • Proactive monitoring and response of every facet of the service including access events, security events, physical system and application level events
  • 500GB backup disk space
  • $25/month per additional 500GB backup disk space
  • $10/month/additional LDAP user
  • $5/month per additional mobile VPN user
  • $2.50/day Big Data retention
  • VPN clients can be installed on any device
  • LDAP users can connect via SSH or ownCloud application from anywhere
  • Applications for any device and Operating System for seamless integration

Disaster Recovery

Cartika clearly outlines the level of disaster recovery a user can expect to receive with each level of service. With Cartika Proactive Management, Cartika will return the Server or VM to the point of the latest full/incremental backup.

Customers can choose the frequency and retention period of backups (with our default configuration set to daily backups with 15 restore points). Customers can opt to have backups taken multiple times per day, maintain longer retention periods, replicate backups with the same or different frequency to multiple locations. Additionally, many customers will configure multiple managed environments, will have their application replicate to accommodate high availability, as well as, many various configurations which would dramatically reduce or practically completely negate the requirement ever to perform a full Disaster Recovery scenario.

With a Proactively Managed Service by Cartika – We are responsible for restoring your environment in case of a Disaster Recovery Scenario.

Physical Servers will be restored using our BMR technology. Restore times are purely dependent on the amount of data being restored.

Virtual Servers can be restored immediately from the latest snapshot available from the customer, then the latest file/database structure can be restored within minutes from our backup system.

Lacking a recent VM snapshot/template, VM’s can be restored in the following manners:

a) a *nix VM can be restored from the latest file level backup via our inhouse technology to build a bootable template from the latest incremental snapshot.  This process is extremely quick, and the VM can be booted within a few minutes.

b) Windows VMs can utilize our BMR technology, and a VM can be restored within minutes to hours depending on the volume of data. For all VM environments (and more specifically Windows VM’s), we highly recommend customers take regular snapshots to have available in case a Disaster Recovery scenario is required.


Your business deserves BOTH reliable infrastructure with guaranteed uptime and 24×7 support