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Website Maintenance Services

Parker Web is one of the leading providers of website maintenance services. For over a decade, their team has been dedicated to making edits and updates to hundreds of small business websites completing thousands of requests per month. The Parker Web team consists entirely of US-based employees and contractors ready to talk to you about your website challenges. Key highlights include:

  • Expertise – Professional team of US-based Web Developers
  • Multi-platform – support for a variety of platforms including WordPress, Joomla, static HTML sites, and more
  • Fast – two business day turnaround on any task two hours or less, and usually done in the same day.
  • Proactive – continually monitors your website and provides regular recommendations on improvements and best practices.
  • Knowledgeable – technically skilled and proven web developers
  • Friendly – nice people who are easy to talk to.
  • Accountable – custom tracking system for highly accountable work.

Key Advantages:

  • Bankable Hours
  • Online Ticket System
  • No Contracts
  • Proactive Website Maintenance
  • Rapid Response
  • Time Tracking
  • Much More!

Why Parker Partners with Cartika

After working with Cartika for over 6 years, we have found that the technical support and expertise has been phenomenal. Whether it is by phone, online chat or through email, the support and customer services is A+! We are currently in the process of migrating all of our clients to the Cartika servers.

Amanda Brenes, Customer Service Specialist