Bacula 4

Bacula 4

Built on open standards and designed as an open platform, Bacula4 is a solution capable of backing up just about any infrastructure, no matter its complexity or location. It is a lightweight backup solution that supports all major operating systems. Bacula4 is available both as an easy-to-use Software-as-a-Service product with all the convenience and flexibility of the cloud, and as a self-hosted backup solution that can be installed in users’ data centers. Bacula4 is trusted by system administrators all over the world for one reason – because no matter what happens to your server, restoration is as easy as a few clicks.

Bacula 4

Why Bacula 4 Partners with Cartika

Cartika developed Bacula4 to meet the extensive and broad demands of our Web Hosting and Infrastructure Hosting customers. Literally 1000’s of Application and Operating System Stacks, where reliable data backups and recovery is essential to the services we offer. We are very pleased to extend this functionality and capability to the market in both a self hosted and SaaS delivery model.

Andrew Rouchotas – Cartika/Bacula4 CEO

Three things are vital where backups are concerned: reliability, integrity, and security. When Cartika developed Bacula4, it made sure the service embodied all three. Our enterprise-grade managed infrastructure is the perfect place for businesses to host their backup data, no matter how mission-critical, and our expert administrators make sure everything remains stable.