Mitrefinch is a powerful, full-featured workforce management suite that enables businesses to take charge of their employees.

It features a wide range of granular controls designed to aid in efficient, effective employee management, including self-service time and attendance, time allocation, job costs, absence management, rostering, recruitment, and a great deal more. The company behind the platform serves over 4000 clients worldwide, ranging from tiny startups to enterprises with thousands of employees. What’s more, it’s continually investing in research and development; seeking ways it might further enhance operations for its customers.


Why Mitrefinch Partners with Cartika

Mitrefinch provides time and attendance solutions to companies, and as such we have certain requirements for our software to run properly and effectively. We also needed the systems to be fully scalable as the customer needs change.The uptime is important as well, and the redundancy set in place ensures that the servers are always available.We used a managed option which means they take care of the backups and backup procedures. Any failures and we are notified right away. This bring peace of mind to us as the provider and to the customer. Cartika has been able to provide us the service we need, with great stable hardware and great people behind it. The staff are knowleged and issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently. We look forward to working with them in the future.

Alex Stark – Mitrefinch

Responsible for the development of the first ever computerized time and attendance system, Mitrefinch has, ever since it was founded, devoted itself to excellence. It strives to improve and innovate, and to offer better service to its clients in the process. For such a business, not just any host would do – it couldn’t afford anything but best-in-class infrastructure and reliability.

Cartika understands that. We back Mitrefinch’s formidable offerings with world-class managed infrastructure and a deep understanding of the needs of its clients. Most importantly, we’re based in Canada – meaning that the data for Mitrefinch’s Canadian base of operations stays exactly where it needs to be, protected by Canada’s privacy laws.

Thanks to us, Mitrefinch is free to focus on what it does best – helping your business manage its most valuable resource.