OscarService Inc.

OscarService Inc.

Comprehensive Clinical Management System:

Oscar provides many sophisticated features and high levels of security. This system is flexible, intuitive to use, and cost-effective.

Transforming Efficiency:

OSCAR is an Open Source Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system containing health care information with full billing capabilities, electronic charting, chronic disease management tools, prescription module, scheduling and many other features. It can run locally in an office setting or be accessed remotely over the internet.

Cloud Connected:

The latest and greatest EMR technology coupled with high availability, 100% Canadian, cloud. Help your partners and staff navigate the changing, increasingly complex medical practice environment.

Omnichannel Integration Solutions:

OSCAR offers a variety of unique well-packaged solutions. These include OLIS, an electronic system that stores and transmits laboratory requisitions and test results. HRM, which provides quicker access to information needed for making decisions about patient care. Zeiss Connector, the – ophthalmology package and the Digital Fax.

Manage Your Operations:

Live24 and Monitor24 provide the option to eliminate the down time for the user when one server encounters a fatal error. In addition, with Online Data Safes we provide customer specific encryption for your data. This ensures a maximum level of protection and combines the convenience of online cloud storage with the security standards of e-banking solutions.

OscarService Inc.

Why OscarService Inc. Partners with Cartika

As a large provider of software management healthcare solutions, we naturally work with substantial amounts of confidential medical and personal data so obviously security is a top concern for us. The Cartika team was able to demonstrate its commitment to security every step of the way. Our team abides by stringent requirements that it diligently adheres to. We appreciated the fact that the Cartika infrastructure and processes are also HIPAA-compliant as we understand the positive impact that has on operational readiness. The OscarService team is excited about our relationship with Cartika and look forward to growing even faster with our new partner.