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WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system because it combines an elegant writing and publishing experience with the power of a full-fledged content management system.

For those who just want to write, publish, and promote their site, without having to tangle with the complexities of managing a hosting account or server and keeping on top of WordPress security, managed WordPress hosting from is the ideal choice.

WordPress is easy to use, but it isn’t always easy to manage. Self-managed WordPress installations require constant attention to ensure that they are protected from hackers and online criminals, that the core CMS and its plugins are kept up-to-date and secure, and that data is safely backed-up should anything go wrong. hosting includes a comprehensive range of management services that free users to concentrate on building their site, not managing their hosting. Security and updates are taken care of, and comprehensive multiple backups are handled by’s expert technical staff, who are on-call round-the-clock to help clients out with security and any other support issues. hosting also includes a host of advanced features for WordPress power users, including a staging site for testing new features, Git deployments, and built-in image optimization.

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You can find full details of’s managed WordPress hosting on the company’s site or contact them directly by email.


Why Partners with Cartika is a full service Managed WordPress Provider. We needed a Managed Infrastructure Provider that would allow us to focus on managing our customers and our platforms. Cartika provides us the Enterprise Hardware we require and ensures the infrastructure and network are always up and running, allowing us to focus on our core business and growth. Their associated services enable us to handle any requirement from our customers and we can quickly and easily plug into their existing platforms and services to present complete, 1 stop solutions to our customers.

Steve Wilton – Founder wanted to build its hosting platform on world-class enterprise infrastructure based in Canada. They needed no-questions-asked scalability, a hosting company that worked to fulfill their needs rather than forcing them to compromise their vision, and unimpeachable infrastructure reliability.

Hosting companies like require complete confidence in their infrastructure provider. They offer a business-critical service to their clients and the buck stops with them, so they have to be sure that whatever happens, their infrastructure provider will be there with rock solid service, a commitment to excellence, and the best hardware.

Cartika offers enterprise-class infrastructure and managed hosting services and they deeply understand the needs of other hosting companies. Cartika provides a comprehensive range of services, including the best-in-class Bacula4 backup service, that reduce both the cost and complexity of building managed hosting platforms, which results in lowered costs for infrastructure users, higher margins, and more time to spend on product development.

And because Cartika is a Canadian infrastructure provider, it can guarantee that data stays where it’s supposed to and remains under Canadian regulatory frameworks — a factor of substantial importance to both and its clients.