Your Storefront The Way You Want It. Along with E-commerce Hosting The Way You Need It

As a merchant, you don’t want to waste time bouncing between a host and a software vendor to get support for your storefront. In fact, you want everything consolidated in one place. This is why Cartika is the right choice for you. As a result of our partnerships, you can pair our industry-leading e-commerce hosting services with one of several top storefront management platforms.



Just create your content – we’ll handle the technical stuff

When you select a content management system, your focus should be on the content. You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get support for any problems you encounter. By signing on with one of Cartika’s CMS partners, you won’t have to.



Software-as-a-Service revolutionized the business application landscape.

Software-as-a-Service revolutionized the business application landscape. No more complicated licenses, vendor lock-in, unnecessary upgrade fees, or bloated “enterprise” applications: just tools and solutions for your business, on your terms. We’ve partnered with some of the most innovative Software-as-a-Service vendors to bring you the ultimate in SaaS hosting: the software your business needs running on an infrastructure platform built for maximum reliability and effortless scaling.



The Perfect Accounting Software Backed By The Perfect Host

Once a hold-out from the online world, accounting and ERP software vendors of all sizes are now adopting a web-first approach to the market. Vendors and customers have realized that for a good many reasons, leveraging the Internet for financial applications makes sense. Through our partnerships, we’ll hook you up with industry-leading providers of accounting software and solutions. With these tools, management of your business’s finances will be a breeze.



Specialized IT Services partners Provide a Perfect Complement to Cartika Infrastructure

IT is a complex and challenging proposition for most small to mid-sized companies. The time, energy and cost of doing it yourself can be daunting and risky. Our business is all about helping companies like yours with reliable, cost-effective hosting solutions – built, managed and supported by experts!



Service Companies Adding Customer Value with Cartika Infrastructure

Cartika has a growing number of partners who have a demand for hosting and cloud services from their clients – but they lack the capability, or desire to do it themselves.  Cartika and it’s Business Services Partners work together to provide reliable and seamless hosting and cloud services with ease. This offers value and simplicity for their clients and allows our partners to focus on their core business while we take care of the IT infrastructure.



Charitable Organizations Make the World a Better Place!

At Cartika, we are thankful for all that we have. And, also mindful that many are far less fortunate and struggle in their daily lives. We believe there is a shared social responsibility when it comes to assisting others in need. We do our part by helping charitable organizations with world-class Cloud and IT services on heavily discounted pricing programs. Our contribution helps these partners run their operations more efficiently and lets them put more financial resources where they count the most.



When protecting personal health information is paramount

Protecting personal data is serious business. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was established in the US in 1996. HIPAA is designed to ensure companies involved with managing personal health records and data, adhere to a stringent set of rules and procedures when accepting, managing, or storing patient information. The legislation also includes outsourced service providers involved in these processes.