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End to end solutions provided through our trusted Partner Channel. Content Management, eCommerce, SaaS and more. Choose a partner which best suits your business requirements and rest easy knowing Cartika is providing and managing the back end infrastructure. Single point of contact, 1 stop solutions via the Cartika Partner Channel




Cartika Partnerships combine industry-leading tools, applications, and managed services with our incredibly reliable, effortlessly scalable infrastructure hosting platform. We have partnered with leading developers, service and solution providers, and agencies to create a single-point-of-contact solution for clients: we manage your servers and infrastructure and our partners provide application support and additional services.
Cartika Partnerships are a unique and innovative approach to application hosting: a one-stop single-vendor solution that brings together leading managed service providers and our peerless infrastructure platform.


Digital Commerce The Way It Should Be

As a virtual vendor, the only thing more important than efficiency is the freedom to tweak your storefront so it fits your business. At Cartika, we understand that – it’s why we’ve chosen some of the leading E-Commerce platforms as partners. Through our partnership, you get the full value of our hosting services coupled with the power of their storefront software – and all this with a single point of contact for both sales and support.


Content Management Systems (CMS)

Focus On What’s Important – Your Content

The use of a content management system should make your life easier. You shouldn’t have to wrestle with obtuse hosting contracts or memorize a ton of different support numbers; everything should be streamlined. That’s why we’ve formed partnerships with several leading CMS’s –  to allow you to focus solely on creating your content, while still offering access to our full range of hosting services.



SaaS With A Rock-Solid Foundation

Software-as-a-Service has changed how businesses buy, manage, and use applications. SaaS makes it simple to deploy the solutions you need, when you need them, without complex licenses and the burden of infrastructure management. Cartika’s SaaS Partnerships combine the freedom of Software-as-a-Service with the guarantee that your applications are running on a reliable infrastructure platform that will smoothly scale as your business grows.


Enterprise Resource Planning/Accounting

Tools For Better Business Management

Every business needs reliable, intuitive accounting software. Without it, you’re left to handle your finances – and your taxes – on your own. Cartika partnered with some of the top accounting consultants and vendors in the world to bring the best accounting solutions to your business.

With our superior infrastructure, you’ll be able to manage your business’s finances no matter how complex they get – and no matter what tool you choose.


IT Services

Expertise That Makes IT Perform

Information Technology is the lifeblood of virtually all organizations today. Trying to run a business without it is nearly impossible. Many of Cartika’s hosting partners offer an array of additional IT services such as consulting, network support, systems design, on-going technical support and so on.

In addition to offering Cartika’s world-class infrastructure to clients, our IT Services partners can help you in many other ways.


Business Services

Service Companies Adding Customer Value with Cartika Infrastructure

Cartika has a growing number of partners who have a demand for hosting and cloud services from their clients – but they lack the capability, or desire to do it themselves. Cartika and it’s Business Services Partners work together to provide reliable and seamless hosting and cloud services with ease. This offers value and simplicity for their clients and allows our partners to focus on their core business while we take care of the IT infrastructure.

Business Services

Charity Partners

Cartika Helping Those Who Give Back

At Cartika,  we believe there is a shared social responsibility when it comes to assisting others in need. We do our part by helping charitable organizations with world-class Cloud and IT services on heavily discounted pricing programs. Our contribution helps these partners run their operations more efficiently and lets them put more financial resources where they count the most. Check out some of Cartika’s Charity Partners and please visit them to learn more.

Charity Partners

HIPAA Compliant Partners

Protecting Personal Health Information

HIPAA is a body of legislation that impacts all US companies dealing with personal health information. It applies just as stringently when those organizations store data on Canadian soil. Cartika is one of the few HIPAA-compliant managed services providers in Canada. Along with many US healthcare-related clients, we have a growing number of partners that provide unique solutions requiring HIPAA hosting on either or both sides of the border. Check out our HIPAA-compliant partners and see how their innovations help the medical and healthcare communities.

HIPAA Compliant


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