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Business Services

Service Companies Adding Customer Value with Cartika Infrastructure

Cartika has a growing number of partners who have a demand for hosting and cloud services from their clients – but they lack the capability, or desire to do it themselves.  Cartika and it’s Business Services Partners work together to provide reliable and seamless hosting and cloud services with ease. This offers value and simplicity for their clients and allows our partners to focus on their core business while we take care of the IT infrastructure.

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Connecting Growth to Investment

Young Startup Ventures

youngStartup’s Ventures connects the most innovative, promising, emerging growth and early stage companies with active Investors, Investment bankers, advisors and corporate professionals. Their summits feature insightful discussions, the newest technologies and latest trends currently shaping the future. YSV understands how important it is to meet the right people and network with like-minded individuals. They ensure that only the most cutting-edge companies and relevant investors are connect to provide entrepreneurs what they need to  succeed.

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