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As a merchant, you don’t want to waste time bouncing between a host and a software vendor to get support for your storefront. In fact, you want everything consolidated in one place. This is why Cartika is the right choice for you. As a result of our partnerships, you can pair our industry-leading ecommerce hosting services with one of several top storefront management platforms.

Also, if you run into trouble at any point, support is available through a single point of contact. Whether you’re dealing with an outage or trying to wrestle through a quirk in your site, our partners have you covered. That’s a promise.

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ProductCart Hosting


As a theme-based eCommerce solution, ProductCart offers an impressive degree of customization. As such, you can tweak everything about your store to create a responsive design that perfectly suits your requirements. Also, it features built-in mobile support and is backed by Cognecy, an organization with over a decade of experience in eCommerce. In addition, Cogency also hosts and fully supports Magento.

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Zen Cart Hosting

Zen Cart

Zen Cart is free, open-source, and designed from the ground-up to be user-friendly. In fact, Zen Cart is one of the most intuitive shopping cart solutions on the market. And, it’s one of the most functional as well, with a diverse selection of custom modules available to store owners. Furthermore, this is all backed by Zen Cart Consulting, an eCommerce host and web design firm with a deep understanding of digital store owners and how to help them succeed.

eCommerce Platform Development


Webhdt is an eCommerce web development and software company that provides professional services and products that leverage open source technologies. Because of this, can serve the needs of their client well for less. Since 1996, webhdt has been helping people make smart, cost-effective technology choices to help them grow. Because at webhdt, the ultimate goal is to create innovative and highly beneficial digital business models. Ones that help clients increase reach, impact, interaction, and sales.

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