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When protecting personal health information is paramount

Protecting personal data is serious business. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was established in the US in 1996. HIPAA is designed to ensure companies involved with managing personal health records and data, adhere to a stringent set of rules and procedures when accepting, managing, or storing patient information. The legislation also includes outsourced service providers involved in these processes.

Cartika has a growing number of health and medical industry solution partners leveraging our HIPAA compliant infrastructure and managed services. If you are looking for some innovative approaches to health care and patient management, check out our current partners below, and click through to learn more

Transforming Home Care


Client health and security is our top priority. Personal support workers can use Aetonix to perform scheduled or impromptu remote check-in visits from any location. Healthcare professionals and family members can receive instant notifications on their mobile devices if a client wanders or falls. Care providers can manage appointments and medication reminders remotely, ensuring client adherence. All this takes place in real time, from wherever people are, and it’s fully HIPAA Compliant!

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Medical and Surgical Devices

Olympus Medical

Since the company’s founding in 1919, Olympus has been renowned as a precision technology leader, creating innovative opto-digital solutions in healthcare, life science and consumer electronics products. In the healthcare arena, Olympus supports the work of medical professionals by providing advanced, minimally invasive therapeutic and diagnostic technologies to improve the quality of patient care around the globe.

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Transforming the EMR Industry

OscarService Inc.

Improving patient care through the effective streamlining of medical records, and medical office communication and management is our top priority. We assist doctors in the effective use and integration of Open Source medical software with medical devices and healthcare related software and platforms. Our skills, knowledge, integrity and attention to customer service make us a top provider and leader in the OSCAR service industry. OSCAR is Ontario EMR Specification 4.1 funding-eligible and HIPAA compliant.

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