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Software-as-a-Service revolutionized the business application landscape.

Software-as-a-Service revolutionized the business application landscape. No more complex licenses, vendor lock-in, unnecessary upgrade fees, or bloated “enterprise” applications: just tools and solutions for your business, on your terms. We’ve partnered with some of the most innovative Software-as-a-Service vendors to bring you the ultimate in SaaS hosting: the software your business needs running on an infrastructure platform built for maximum reliability and effortless scaling.

Cartika’s SaaS Partnerships provides a single-point-of-contact solution for industry-leading managed hosting from Cartika, coupled with a wide variety of carefully vetted Software-as-a-Service applications from our partners.

leading healthcare platform is an online healthcare platform that allows patients to consult medical professionals in realtime. Patient data is aggregated and stored securely online, where it’s readily accessible to both physician and client. The end result is a medical consultation process which is efficient, secure, and – most importantly – conducted entirely from the privacy and comfort of a patient’s home.

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workforce management suite


MitreFinch is a powerful, intelligent platform for streamlining employee management – often the most difficult aspect of running a business. Regardless of industry or business size, the MitreFinch platform has a solution that’s a perfect fit for you – and it’s backed by an organization whose one goal is enabling its clients.

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content management system


Quicksilk is a subscription-based content management system and website builder created to address some of the most frustrating aspects of content management systems – paid software updates, poor technical support, plugin vulnerabilities, inconsistent maintenance; these are all things the Quicksilk team adamantly avoids. They’re all about empowering the end user, and the platform is designed to be both versatile and easy to use as a result.

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Data Backup and Recovery Solution


Bacula4 is an open-source backup solution with some proprietary components (Director, GUI) capable of supporting any infrastructure and operating system, regardless of complexity or location. It is lightweight, powerful, and can be run as either a self-hosted platform or a SaaS solution; either way, clients control everything about how, where, and when their data is backed up.

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A full-service consulting firm with nearly three decades of experience, Computrack is responsible for over 1,000 successful financial system implementations. Built by a team of Chartered Accountants and Certified Sage 300 ERP professionals, their custom-tailored solutions are designed to make your operations more efficient, your employees more knowledgable, and your business more profitable.

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