Private Cloud Hosting

Your Private Cloud the way you want it. With the OnApp Management Platform, you’ll be able to provision additional resources with a few clicks, adding and managing virtual machines as you see fit. Even better, with our single pane of glass approach, you’ll always know exactly what’s going on with your platform, no matter how complex your cloud infrastructure becomes. Private Cloud hosting available in Toronto, Canada and Texas, USA.

Cartika Private Cloud

With Cartika’s Private Cloud Solution you may choose your geography, your computer power, your desired IOPS and your hypervisor (KVM or XEN). Purchase dedicated and customized Private Cloud nodes and create and manage Virtual Machines within your Private infrastructure as required. A Single Pane of Glass approach to managing your VM’s on your Private Cloud Node, and additional Pools of resources in our Public Cloud, across multiple tiers of storage, multiple facilities and countries as required.

Utilize our Cloud Based Load Balancers to seamlessly load balance Virtual Machines within your Private Cloud, or to Load Balance VM’s from within your Private VM Node with VM’s on our Public Cloud. A complete IaaS solution offering free and commercial Operating Systems, lightening fast HTML5 console, plenty of prebuilt templates, along with access to a wide array of complimentary infrastructure.

Resell VM resources within your Private Cloud or create Virtual Machines on your private infrastructure to meet your internal business requirements. Premium Juniper WAN networks with multiple and redundant upstream tiers 1/2 10G connections are complimented by a massive internal Juniper Gbps and 10G LAN network. Seamlessly deploy, resize, template/snapshot and redeploy your applications and services within your Private Cloud.

Each Private Cloud node comes equipped with redundant 2N A+B power drops, redundant WAN and LAN connections, Hardware RAID10 and advanced proactive network and infrastructure monitoring, all backed by our 100% Network and Power uptime SLA


Scale your data, grow your business.