Public Cloud and IaaS Support

24×7 eMail, Live Chat and Phone Support available for all Cartika Public Cloud and IaaS customers. You have the technical resources capable of managing your own infrastructure and compliance. You can rely on Cartika to provide support and supplemental Sys Admin/DBA services as required to complement your team.

Cartika Public Cloud and IaaS Support

We believe “support” is a fundamental gap in the Cloud (IaaS) market as most companies don’t have the luxury of in-house infrastructure and hosting expertise. 

With any of our Public Cloud and IaaS offerings, Cartika manages the network and infrastructure. Proactively, 24×7.

Even customers without a management contract, we focus on 24×7 best effort support, flexibility, Dallas and Toronto facilities, redundant everything, 100% infrastructure and a network/infrastructure uptime SLA. That’s the Cartika difference.

IaaS and Public Cloud Support for Business

Target Audience

Business who require highly customizable environments. Virtual environments where pools of resources can be used to create Virtual Machines with the exact specifications you desire. Physical servers customized to fit any requirement. Private Cloud environments configured exactly as required for your workloads, on dedicated infrastructure.

Businesses with their own technical resources who wish to handle server administration, security, etc and require a secured compliant data center, infrastructure along with access to best of breed networks.

Companies requiring development environments, requiring inexpensive resources, reliable infrastructure and pay per use flexibility.

Organizations currently using Public Cloud providers, requiring day to day best effort support with their environments.

Managed Compliant IaaS and Public Cloud – Buy Now


Your business deserves BOTH reliable infrastructure with guaranteed uptime and 24×7 support