Managed Quickbooks Stack

Centralized and Private Quickbooks Install. Secured access for your entire team, from anywhere and from any device. Protect your business and meet every Compliance standard for storing personal data.

Managed Quickbooks RDS Services

Combine a full install of Quickbooks (client provided license or through our Partner Relationships) with Remote Desktop Services (RDS). Any user, from any device, can be configured to access the remote desktop and work with your Quickbooks install. Centralize your teams desktop and Quickbooks operations in the cloud.

Utilizing the Cartika RDS interface, customers can configure and manage users, download connection managers to various devices and configure permissions and access however required. Access and authentication logging ensure compliance for any personal data you may be handling in your business.

Cartika keeps your services up and running withProactive Managed Services included in this managed stack. This means full server deployment, hardening and security implementation. Maintain Complianceyour business requires

We proactively manage your server and security to ensure availability, performance and compliance.

Recommended Add-Ons:

  • Cloud eMailincluding full spam filtering, file sharing, calender sharing and more
  • Spamfiltering as a Servicefor pop/IMAP or Exchange services running on your local or remote infrastructure (included with Cloud eMail)
  • Snapshots – add snapshots to your IaaS resource pool and snapshot your VMs at any time (not available for dedicated servers)
  • AnycastDNS
  • Owncloud/Nextcloud

Ideal Users and Applications:

  • Customers who want to ensure their 24×7 services are proactively monitored and handled immediately
  • Customers requiring Quickbooks with higher levels of security protection, compliance requirements and uninterrupted performance
  • Environments requiring analysis of events that could eventually lead to issues

Includes these platforms

Cartika utilizes various systems and platforms which enable us the ability to both proactively manage your environments and provide and maintain compliance. Proactive Management provides out of the box compliance for Personal Data Protection.

For Quickbooks with Remote Desktop Services, Cartika has developed specialized elements to the above included platforms which further accommodates Personal Data Compliance:

Access Management

Create users, assign to groups and assign those groups to access various infrastructure and services. Users/Groups can be used to manage RDS access and access to your Quickbooks server. If required, customers can utilize these same users and groups to access their Cartika eMail as a Service, Nextcloud/Owncloud file storage and even applications like WordPress and Magento.

Access Management

Download the application icon for each user and connect from any desktop, laptop or device. Just like any other application on the respective device. Each user can download the Application or Remote Desktop Profile to their devices, depending on what level of access to assign to each user.

Quickbooks and Remote Desktop Icons

Users simply download the application file and place it on their desktop or applications folders.  Open in your preferred remote desktop application by double clicking on the downloaded file.

Connect to Quickbooks application

The user is then logged into a remote desktop session, with only the selected application (Quickbooks) loading in a normal window.  Simply the most secure method of enabling Quickbooks via remote desktop, as users, unless given permissions, have zero access to anything else on the remote desktop server.

Quickbooks Remote Desktop Application

Big Data

Utilizing the Cartika inhouse developed Big Data Analytics built on top of the Elastic Big Data Platform, Cartika is able to provide tremendous value to our customers. Customers can track access by user, time and IP and can also generate notifications for unwanted or potentially malicious access attempts.

Big Data – Access Logging

Quickbooks Services Stack – Pricing Details


Quickbooks Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

  • $399/month
  • Additional Costs – Cartika Infrastructure. Configure your desired infrastructure (Physical or Virtual)


  • Cartika Proactive Management
  • Personal Data Legislative Compliance
  • Platforms included (Backups, Endpoint Security, Big Data Analytics, Access Management)
  • Includes 1 RDS User
  • Includes 1 Mobile VPN User
  • 1 day Big Data Analytics retention
  • Create and configure your RDS users which utilize our RDS tunnel infrastructure (USA and/or Canada)
  • Authentication and access logging
  • Proactive monitoring and response of every facet of the service including access events, security events, physical system and application level events
  • 500GB backup disk space
  • $25/month per additional 500GB backup disk space
  • $10/month/additional RDS user
  • $5/month per additional mobile VPN user
  • $2.50/day additional Big Data retention
  • RDS and VPN clients can be installed on any device

Disaster Recovery

Cartika clearly outlines the level of disaster recovery a user can expect to receive with each level of service. With Cartika Proactive Management, Cartika will return the Server or VM to the point of the latest full/incremental backup.

Customers can choose the frequency and retention period of backups (with our default configuration set to daily backups with 15 restore points). Customers can opt to have backups taken multiple times per day, maintain longer retention periods, replicate backups with the same or different frequency to multiple locations. Additionally, many customers will configure multiple managed environments, will have their application replicate to accommodate high availability, as well as, many various configurations which would dramatically reduce or practically completely negate the requirement ever to perform a full Disaster Recovery scenario.

With a Proactively Managed Service by Cartika – We are responsible for restoring your environment in case of a Disaster Recovery Scenario.

Physical Servers will be restored using our BMR technology. Restore times are purely dependent on the amount of data being restored.

Virtual Servers can be restored immediately from the latest snapshot available from the customer, then the latest file/database structure can be restored within minutes from our backup system.

Lacking a recent VM snapshot/template, VM’s can be restored in the following manners:

a) a *nix VM can be restored from the latest file level backup via our inhouse technology to build a bootable template from the latest incremental snapshot.  This process is extremely quick, and the VM can be booted within a few minutes.

b) Windows VMs can utilize our BMR technology, and a VM can be restored within minutes to hours depending on the volume of data. For all VM environments (and more specifically Windows VM’s), we highly recommend customers take regular snapshots to have available in case a Disaster Recovery scenario is required.


Your business deserves BOTH reliable infrastructure with guaranteed uptime and 24×7 support