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QuickSilk was built with one idea in mind: to eliminate the aggravations commonly associated with content management systems.

Are you tired of paying for neverending software updates, dealing with website maintenance, inconsistent or non-extent technical support and having to soldier through changes to your site? Are you tired of the countless daily parade of plugin vulnerabilities, security breaches, and website hacks? You’re definitely not alone.

These frustrations are exactly why QuickSilk exists.

A subscription-based, drag and drop, secure website builder and CMS; QuickSilk is rapidly being adopted by digital agencies and clients as an alternative to open-source software such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. It’s not hard to see why, either. It’s powerful, it’s backed by an awesome technical and application support team, and it’s incredibly easy to use – this in addition to offering web hosting, ongoing maintenance and personalized product and technical support.

With nothing more than a few clicks, you’ll be able to build, manage, and display a professional-looking enterprise website on any device, in multiple languages. QuickSilk also allows you to intuitively build stronger customer engagement by centralizing your social media and digital content. Best of all is the fact that as your business grows, the QuickSilk platform will grow with you.
Clients who use QuickSilk have launched their websites up to 90% faster, and reduced the costs associated with maintenance and development by up to 75%.

More On QuickSilk

If you want to know more about QuickSilk or sign up for a subscription, you can visit their website or email [email protected]

Why QuickSilk Partners with Cartika

Our criteria for the selection of a web hosting service provider was to find a company that would be as responsive to our needs, as we are to our own client’s needs. We were looking for a partnership with a provider that would treat our customers as their own. We spent nearly a year in the selection process and have never looked back. Working with Andrew, Matt and the entire Cartika team continues to be an amazing, customer driven, experience. We are grateful for their dedication, expertise and customer-focused service!

Garry Brownrigg – QuickSilk Founder/Owner

As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, QuickSilk had a set of incredibly specific hosting needs, and they refused to compromise on their standards.

They needed access to fully-scalable infrastructure, hosted on hardware of the highest quality. They needed a host that would work with them and help them keep their own clients happy. Most importantly, they needed to know that the servers on which their platform was hosted were stable – and that they wouldn’t lose any data in the event that something went wrong.

Cartika fully understood those needs, and did everything necessary to provide for them.

Tapping into our experience in the hosting space, we set QuickSilk up with some of our industry-leading, enterprise-grade hardware, helping them wherever required to get things up and running. Our servers and networks provided them with full redundancy, and automated backup through Bacula4, ensuring that even the most catastrophic failure would leave their information intact. Even better, we did all of that at an incredibly competitive price – allowing QuickSilk to pass those savings back  to their own clients.

QuickSilk provides a platform on which enterprises can design and host their own websites. They can’t afford downtime, latency, or performance drops. With Cartika, they don’t need to worry about any of that – they can simply focus on their own clients, and let us handle the rest.


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