Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

Move your Applications to the Cloud using the Cartika Remote Desktop Services (RDS) platform.  Fully managed and compliant for storing any and all Personal Data. Safe, Simple, Secure.

Cartika Managed Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

Support for ANY application running on a Remote Desktop. Safe, secure access.

Compliance for ANY personal data, no matter how sensitive, Provided by Cartika.

Managed Remote Desktop Services (RDS) for Cloud enabling your Applications

Target Audience

Any SMB running applications locally in their office. Quickly and easily move your Applications to the cloud and present your users with App icons for their desktops and devices.

Law firms, Realtors, any Medical Practitioner.  Move your practice and office management applications to the cloud.  Fully Managed and Compliant.

Mid Market organizations with compliance concerns on their core applications (for example ERP).

Any company running any applications locally, and storing data locally which needs to be moved to the cloud in order to ensure business continuity and data compliance.

Compliant Remote Desktop Services (RDS) – Pricing Details


Remote Desktop Services (RDS) including Cartika Proactive Management

  • $399/month
  • Additional Costs – Cartika Infrastructure. Configure your desired infrastructure (Physical or Virtual)


  • Cartika Proactive Management
  • Personal Data Legislative Compliance
  • Platforms included (Backups, Endpoint Security, Big Data Analytics, Access Management)
  • Includes 1 RDS User
  • Includes 1 Mobile VPN User
  • 1 data Big Data analytics retention
  • Create and configure your RDS users which utilize our RDS tunnel infrastructure (USA and/or Canada)
  • Authentication and access logging
  • Proactive monitoring and response of every facet of the service including access events, security events, physical system and application level events
  • 500GB backup disk space
  • $25/month for each additional 500GB backup disk space
  • $10/month/additional RDS user
  • $5/month per additional mobile VPN user
  • $2.50/day additional Big Data retention
  • RDS and VPN clients can be installed on any device

Includes these platforms


Your business deserves BOTH reliable infrastructure with guaranteed uptime and 24×7 support