What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

Companies heavily rely on their websites to grow. They expect their web presence to reach out to prospects far and wide in delivering the message. Unfortunately, if your site loads slowly, that message will never be seen as people will get frustrated and leave. According to Radware,  “a one second delay in page time equals a 7% loss in conversions, 11% fewer page views and a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction”. What does this all mean? It means a Content Delivery Network should be a serious consideration!

Globally Distributed POP’s

The Cartika Content Delivery Network (CDN) leverages Globally Distributed POP’s (Point-of-Presence) to let customers seamlessly distribute and serve content from anywhere to anywhere. As a result, no more manual and time-consuming code edits. The Cartika CDN offers an automated HTTP PULL method. So, within minutes and a few clicks, your content is served over our global CDN. You will have the fastest possible delivery times of your content and streaming media to all visitors. And, it doesn’t matter where they are coming from because you will be serving your content directly from the POP closest to them.

Content Delivery Value

Increase the security and reliability of your website by blocking common, known attacks at the CDN layer and by distributing and absorbing traffic from DDOS attacks throughout our global CDN. Choose which continents you want to enable, or enable the entire global network. SSL ready and an easy HTTP pull method to seamlessly import your content into our CDN. A simple and affordable pay per use model. CDN usage is charged against a $25 or $100 Deposit as used (usage updated hourly)

* per GB pricing and geographies vary slightly for CDN Video and Live Streaming offerings