Industry professional and industry vertical designed solutions
for the customers we know best

Over the last 15 years, Cartika has acquired extensive experience with specific market verticals and IT professionals.  Our offerings are representative of this and are built for these specific segments in mind.  Healthcare and Financial customers can take advantage of our native security and privacy processes and protocols and combine it with our compliance based management solutions to achieve compliance with even the most stringent certifications.  Developers and Service Providers can benefit from our years of experience in being in this business.  Our solutions are catered to you, as after all, its exactly what we do ourselves.


Healthcare providers routinely manage the most sensitive personal data in the world. It’s not surprising that the healthcare industry is subject to HIPAA, a set of highly stringent security standards. After all, if medical information should fall into the wrong hands, it could easily destroy lives.



Financial services is one of the most frequently-targeted industries in the world where cyber-crime is concerned. The data managed by financial organizations is extremely valuable, and the payoff for stealing that data massive. In light of this somewhat hostile climate, it’s extremely important that businesses in the finance industry take every measure possible to comply with SOX/FISMA – two sets of legal regulations designed to keep financial data safe in the digital realm.



Because of their highly-specific needs, development firms cannot simply host with whatever organization makes them an offer. They have to find one that’s capable of providing them with a wide variety of hosting plans and compliance options and is flexible enough to let them adapt and modify their services according to their changing development needs. Cartika is just such a host.


For Resellers

If our IaaS Cloud or other services would add value for your clients, why not become a Cartika reseller?
Partners resell our services to expand their existing IT business, or to develop entirely new revenue streams. Since the beginning, we have built our IaaS Cloud and other Managed Services with resellers in mind. We offer a traditional model in which you manage and support your customers directly. If you prefer, we also have an “affiliate” program where we provide the support. Both are very competitive in terms of the money you can make! With a choice of facilities in Dallas or Toronto, we support commonly used system management and billing tools, along with a powerful array of APIs for complete control. Contact us to learn more!



Parallels Hsphere is a multi platform clustering platform. It supports Linux and Windows hosting customers, and seamlessly clusters services across various types of infrastructure. Parallels has announced that Hsphere will be going end of life “in the future”. Cartika has extensive expertise on the Hsphere platform and will continue to maintain and develop Hsphere moving forward for our existing customers, any customers from other providers who love Hsphere and wish to continue using it and any other Hsphere provider who is looking for business continuity on the platform.