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Solutions for Hsphere hosting providers

Parallels Hsphere is a multi-platform clustering platform. It supports Linux and Windows hosting customers, and seamlessly clusters services across various types of infrastructure. Parallels have announced that Hsphere will be going end of life “in the future”. Cartika has extensive expertise on the platform and will continue to maintain and develop the product moving forward for our existing customers, any customers from other providers who love this technology and wish to continue using it and any other provider who is looking for business continuity on the platform.

Hsphere Multi-Platform Reseller Hosting


Business Continuity for Hsphere Service Providers

So you have existing Hsphere hosting services and you are looking for business continuity.  You need the software kept up to date to handle new security concerns, PCI scanning requirements, and customer demands.  You also want to start offering your customers new services on more modern platforms and need a way to seamlessly deliver this from a central management and billing platform.  Cartika has the solution for you

▪    Seamless billing and centralized log in integration with Hostbill. Includes importing plans and accounts (see screen captures below)
▪    Package development for every required *nix package (i.e. apache, bind, MySQL, PHP, etc)
▪    Modern supporting Windows platforms including Windows and SQL 2012
▪    Seamlessly sell and offer new services on new platforms from within Hostbill to your existing and new customers
▪    Advanced integration with Bacula4Hosts (backups and self-service restores for all hosting customers, including Windows)

▪    Websitepanel Microsoft Exchange Bridge. Sell Microsoft Exchange on WSP and integrate billing & logins with either Hsphere or Hostbill
▪    Integration with SpamExperts for enterprise grade inbound and outbound spam filtering
▪    Many other advanced system modules and integrations not available elsewhere
▪    Ongoing level 3 and engineering level support for the platform

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