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SOS Children’s Villages BC

SOS Children’s Village BC is the only SOS Children’s Village in Canada. We provide homes, a supportive community, and programs to help foster children and youth in need grow into caring, self-reliant adults.

SOS BC was incorporated in 1986 and has operated our campus in Surrey since 1999. The Village, our flagship program, was created as a grass-roots response to the unmet needs of children and youth in the provincial foster care system; namely the frequent placement breakdowns and moves for children and youth in foster care. The Village’s unique model is based on dynamics implemented by Hermann Gmeiner, the founder of SOS Children’s Villages International. Our elements for success continue to be based on Gmeimer’s beliefs. Specifically, Gmeimer believed that a loving consistent family, home and community create a circle of health, belonging, support, and positive growth for the child in need. By establishing this circle of healing. A child develops resilience and has renewed hope leading to his or her future successes.

SOS Children’s Villages International is the largest private child development organization in the world and operates over 573 Villages in 134 countries providing housing, foster parents, and therapeutic programs to support over 375,000 foster children and orphans. SOS operates 2,665 projects including educational, medical, and vocational centres which reach over 1 million children and their families.

The SOS BC continuum of service provides healing, hope, and homes through a variety of programs within a supportive community environment, our Village. Our Village comprises 12 homes with 14 Caregivers and 45 Children. We own and oversee 5 foster homes, 5 youth transition suites and a Village Centre on our own wooded 2.5 acre campus suite, with the other seven homes integrated in the surrounding geographic area.

Why SOS Children’s Villages BC Partners with Cartika

We are so appreciative of the generous support of SOS Children’s Village BC by Cartika. Their leading edge technological support means that the lean staffing of SOS can focus on what we do best, working with foster children to create a bright and positive future. We are so thankful that Cartika is willing to do what they do best for SOS, and we are looking forward to working together to make a better future for children in foster care in BC. Thanks Cartika!

Douglas Dunn, Executive Director