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TREATMENT.COM is a leading healthcare platform that facilitates better communication between doctors and patients. Whenever treatment is required, a patient books a live consultation with a doctor which is carried out in the comfort and safety of their own home. With each appointment, care plans and documents ranging from appointment records to lab results are aggregated under the patient’s personal health record, which can be securely accessed at any time by patient or physician.

The signup process is simple, and afterwards patients can connect with either their family doctor or a number of different specialists. has among its medical clientele professionals with expertise in fitness, cardiac rehabilitation, mental health, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, neuropathy, and eating disorders. Naturally, all data is kept safe and secure, subjected to the stringent Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act – so patients never need to worry about their information falling into the wrong hands.

Why Partners with Cartika

As a healthcare SaaS provider, couldn’t host with just anybody. In order to ensure patient-doctor consultations went off without a hitch, they needed a host with superior performance and reliability. More importantly, in order to protect patient data and ensure regulatory compliance, they needed a host that both adhered to and understood HIPAA.

Cartika was that host. Our enterprise-grade infrastructure ensures real-time consultations experience neither stuttering nor connectivity problems, while our strict security processes mean that every byte of data we manage is safeguarded against prying eyes. Better yet, with our managed services, doesn’t need to waste time making sure their hosting infrastructure works properly – we’ll do that for them.