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Variety – The Children’s Charity steps in where health care ends, providing direct help to children in British Columbia with special needs. For 50 years Variety has ensured that children have support to reach their unique potential. Every year, we’re able to assist children throughout the province. And we do it all with donors like you.

Our Mission: To inspire donors to help all children in B.C. who have special needs. Variety will be the top of mind children’s charity known for stepping in where health care ends.

Our Vision:  That every child who has special needs fulfills their unique potential.

Our History:  Variety as an organization was founded on the idea that we can do more good as a team. In 1927, the original Variety Club was formed by 11 businessmen involved in the entertainment industry. This group discovered an abandoned infant in one of their theatres and banded together to raise her as a team. This alliance developed into an organization that puts children first and now boasts 43 chapters in 11 countries. Here in BC, our chapter was established in 1966 with a focus on children who have special needs throughout the province. Continually inspired by our teamwork roots, we’ve partnered with donors and businesses to raise millions of dollars to help children and families across the province.

Our Community Report:  Each year we team up with our donors to help more children than ever before. Our Community Report outlines our many achievements.

Why Variety Partners with Cartika

Each summer we also help community-based organizations provide over 400 children and youth with special needs the opportunity to attend summer camp in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Kristy Gill – Managing Director

Variety – The Children’s Charity help children to overcome mobility and speech challenges, provides medication for children whose families do not have health benefits, offers bursaries for education for children with learning disabilities, supports at-risk youth dealing with mental health challenges, and provides mobility equipment to give children and families their freedom back.

It is because of partners like Cartika in conjunction with KDTS that Variety is able to make a difference to so many children in BC and Yukon. Both of these companies help us as follows:

Each year we provide over 900 individual grants to families for:

  • Items such as manual and power wheelchairs, hearing aids, leg braces, custom orthotics and adaptive trikes
  • Services such as speech therapy for children to learn to communicate
  • Supplies for children with type 1 diabetes
  • Tutoring for children with learning disabilities