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WordPress is the most popular solution in the field of website design nowadays. It combines low cost and unlimited choice for artistically designed web pages offering simple management tools, along with the ability to create complex applications and systems.

Web Lab caters to a diverse clientele ranging from those who simply need a blog, to more demanding customers looking for advanced features such as ecommerce, forums, coupon sites directories, job boards, issue tracking, booking systems, support desk, and more. We can support virtually any need with our expertise, state-of-the-art technologies, and the WordPress development platform.

Web Lab’s code places emphasis on website speed, search engine optimization and responsiveness on all devices, as well as on compatibility with all modern browsers. Need a custom design? Web Lab can help. All you need to do is send your Photoshop Files (PSD, AI, or PNG) and we will bring your vision to life using validated HTML5 CSS3 code, and a wide range of jQuery, Javascript, and animation techniques.

If you don’t have the time or expertise to manage your WordPress installation, Web Lab can do it for you. We continuously manage updates, look for new ways to optimize your site, and provide 24×7 security protection. Through constant monitoring, we identify site issues when they arise, recommend the best solution, and then take corrective action.

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Find full details about Web Lab here or contact them directly by email.  Web Lab – Happy to serve you!

Why Web Lab Partners with Cartika

Cartika is Web Lab’s reliable choice for fully functional, problem-free, proactively monitored and secure websites. Their web hosting services let us deliver the best possible results in the most affordable way. Web Lab appreciates Cartika’s spam-filtering feature, preventing a series of potential issues from IP blacklisting, to accounts being suspended. Web Lab promises its customers absolute performance and integrity for their websites and ecommerce solutions. That’s why we work with Cartika to help us manage our hosting and infrastructure. We need complete confidence in our technology partners and Cartika offers a business-critical service with full accountability. They provide rock solid service, a commitment to excellence, best-class technology and great support. As an integral part of our business, Cartika understands the needs of other hosting companies. With a full range of services, including the best-in-class Bacula4 backup service, Cartika reduces both the cost and complexity of building managed hosting platforms – this results in better business value for Web Lab, and it gives us more time to spend on product development.

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