Plesk 12 end-user series (27 demos)

1.How to login to Plesk
2.How to change your Plesk password
3.How to edit your contact information in Plesk
4.How to create and manage user roles in Plesk
5.How to create and manage user accounts in Plesk
6.How to create an email account in Plesk
7.How to create an email alias in Plesk
8.How to create a catchall email account in Plesk
9.How to create an email forwarder in Plesk
10.How to enable auto-reply for an email account in Plesk
11.How to add a domain to your account in Plesk
12.How to add a domain forwarder in Plesk
13.How to add a subdomain in Plesk
14.How to add a domain alias to your account in Plesk
15.How to create additional FTP accounts in Plesk
16.How to find and install applications in Plesk
17.How to access webmail in Plesk
18.How to manage DNS zones in Plesk
19.How to limit the number of outgoing messages in Plesk
20.How to install SSL certificates in Plesk
21.How to password protect a directory in Plesk
22.How to setup hotlink protection in Plesk
23.How to create a virtual directory in Plesk
24.How to setup web users in Plesk
25.How to setup a database in Plesk
26.How to setup a WordPress site in Plesk
27.How to setup scheduled tasks in Plesk