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No one understands store owners better.

Are you tired of dealing with expensive and needlessly complex shopping carts? Zen Cart is the shopping cart you’re looking for. Free and open-source, Zen Cart is competitive with even the most formidable commercial programs. It’s both flexible and intuitive, designed for store owners rather than web designers.

There are few carts that could be painted with the same brush.

Zen Cart is easy to install and can be quickly integrated with the majority of popular payment gateways. Even better, if you’ve a bit of technical expertise, you can modify the source code, customizing your cart however you see fit. Zen Cart is cross-platform solution — all you need is a server running the standard LAMP stack.

For users looking to explore just what they can do with Zen Cart, there’s a wealth of information available on the official website, including an in-depth set of training videos. Support is freely available from the Zen Cart community, and there are hundreds of community-made modules to choose from if you’re looking for added functionality.

The only thing you really need to do is create your products – the Zen Cart platform will handle the rest.

What Zen Cart Consulting Has To Offer

Zen Cart Consulting prides itself on understanding the needs of store owners, and has supported thousands of clients over the years. As a customer, you’ll have access to immediate and responsive support via Skype, email, phone, or Twitter.  Zen Cart Consulting goes above and beyond simply offering technical support, however.

Need a website created? They can do that. Want marketing help? They have you covered. Looking for powerful custom add ons for Zen Cart? Zen Cart Consulting has got your back.

Why Zen Cart Partners with Cartika

Zen Cart Consulting has been a Cartika partner for nearly 10 years – and that’s because Cartika provides exceptional hosting and customer support. Cartika is founded on the same value sets as Zen Cart Consulting – great service, great people and great solutions

Matthew – Zen Cart Consulting Leadership Team

With Cartika’s enterprise-grade networks and hardware, Zen Cart Consulting is capable of offering merchants the perfect platform to host their Zen Cart storefront – no matter what needs or scaleable technology their store may need

More On Zen Cart Consulting

For more information on Zen Cart Consulting or to order one of their services, you can Send an e-mail to our Help Desk, or call them at 1-888-717-9746.