Cartika offers the cloud management flexibility and muscle you’ve been needing.

We specialize in pro-actively managed cloud infrastructure, including optimizing for compliance or platforms and stacks important to you. But we can manage as little, or as much as you need: from vanilla cloud IaaS, to fully managed Virtual or Dedicated Servers. And we make selecting exactly what you want easy, by outlining the value for the business, and impact on your IT resources.

Public Cloud and IaaS Support

We proactively manage your infrastructure and networks.

You manage your environment, calling on us 24/7 when needed.

“No charge”, best effort, 24 x 7 x 365 support is included with all Cartika Infrastructure-as-a-Service in Public Cloud, Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers. Add on Sys Admin or DBA services as required to complement your internal IT Resources.

Add platforms or services as needed from this list: Backup-as-a-ServiceEmailSPAM Filtering; Cloud DesktopsDomain Services.

Which Compliance Considerations are important to your business?

Business Rationale: Leverage the public cloud to reduce your IT Infrastructure costs, and leverage your existing IT Resources to manage and provide compliance. Maintain vendor support without massive enterprise contracts required by the major public cloud players

IT Impact: You can maintain services and applications and compliance. Rely on us 24/7 for detailed technical support and/or additional platforms and services you require. Acquire additional Sys Admin/DBA services by the hour as and when required


Proactive Management

We proactively manage your infrastructure and networks.

We manage your environment pro-actively. Hardware, compliance, operating software, updates, controls & security.

Attend to your core business functions, while Cartika manages your computing environment – pro-actively.
This “application agnostic” approach includes these platforms:
BackupAccess ManagementEndpoint SecurityBig Data Analytics (1-day retention)

Optional platforms include:
Email (includes filtering as a service); SPAM FilteringBig Data (extended retention)

 Which Compliance Considerations are important to your business?

Business Rationale: Manage costs, uptime and minimize risk for your core business, while we keep you running seamlessly. Maintain compliance for all Personal Data Protection Laws (PIPEDA, GDPR, etc.)

IT Impact: You focus on core business requirements, applications, and value back into the business, while we deal with the computing environment, availability and compliance.



Managed Stacks

Take our Pro-active Management a step further, by optimizing for critical applications and critical stacks.

We pre-configure your environment for specific applications and stacks to optimize performance, reliability and compliance. We keep your core systems responsive, fast and reliable, using big data analysis of system loads and various preconfigured metrics. We pro-actively manage both the stack and OS.
Managed stacks are also tightly integrated with our premium partner network of experts to realize the potential of add-on services.

Managed Applications include: Reseller Stack, Magento e-Commerce, WordPress CMS, Quicksilk CMS, QuickBooks, Remote Desktop Services, ownCloud File Storage. Check out a full list of application partners.

Which Compliance Considerations are important to your business?

Business Rationale: Ensure critical business systems work efficiently, are compliant, maintained and operate trouble-free.

IT Impact: You focus on day-to-day issues, while we manage your environment and core stack efficiency.



Advanced Compliance

Ensure you meet even the most stringent industry compliance guidelines by taking our Pro-active Management a step further.

Select from compliance types such as HIPAA, SOX/FISMA, Children’s Data Storage Protective Act

We configure:
– Physical hardware firewalls,
– Retention of big data to meet compliance standards,
– Procedures such as incident reporting.

Includes these platforms:
BackupAccess ManagementEndpoint SecurityBig Data

Which Compliance Considerations are important to your business?

Business Rationale: Worry-free compliance, built into your infrastructure.

IT Impact: You focus on IT issues, not how data is stored/accessed and transferred.