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20 Years of Managed
Hosting & Cloud Services

We provide you with an unrivaled hosting experience, delivering superior uptime, 24/7 phone, ticket and chat support & 24×7 proactive monitoring and response

Cartika Core Services

Here is what we do best

We have spent 20 years perfecting these services. Our customers receive a complete solution, with end to end consultation and support included. When something goes wrong, we are here to help and no matter what happens, even the worse case scenario and disaster, we can recover your services and data.

Enterprise Web Hosting.

When shared web hosting just isn’t good enough. Get your own Virtual Server, configured exactly how you need it, with plenty of resources. Windows or Linux

Enterprise Reseller Hosting.

 A web hosting reseller solution for I.T. Professionals. A fully managed virtual machine with plenty of resources, Windows or Linux with cPanel or Plesk

IaaS Public & Private Cloud.

Public Cloud or Private Cloud IaaS solutions for I.T. Professionals. Build Virtual Machines with any Operating System & scale them as required

Managed Public and Private Cloud.

Cartika Proactive Managed Public and Private Cloud. Cartika monitors and manages your Virtual Servers, everything back from your application


Advanced Compliance.

For customers needing to meet and exceed requirements for storing and transmitting extremely sensitive data. HIPAA, PHIPA, & PCI DSS compliance

IMAP eMail Solutions for Business.

Business grade POP/IMAP eMail solutions for your business. Shared POP/IMAP Clouds or Private Cloud solutions

Microsoft RDP/RDS.

For business relying on Microsoft RDP & RDS solutions. Whether you need users accessing to perform their day to day functions, or massive RDP/RDS clusters for ERP or other applications/services


Cartika Software Defined WAN. Securely extend your local network utilizing your existing internet connections

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Regarding Managed Cloud Services

Fully Managed Hosting Cartika
DIY Hosting AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
Help Picking the Perfect Hosting Plan
Proactive Management of Your Hosting (Network, Security, Availability)
Help Picking the Perfect Hosting Plan
Keeping Your Server & OS Updated to Ensure it's Secure
Full Management of Complex Hosting Environments
Helpful Humans Whenever You Need Us
Expert cloud consultancy

About Us

Are you ready to move your server room to the cloud? We specialize in pro-actively managed public cloud and personalized IaaS infrastructure, including meeting and exceeding compliance standards. We can help you move all, or some of your workloads, to the Cloud.

We Assess

We offer some of the best prices in the industry, enterprise grade infrastructure. Plus, a team of devoted, knowledgeable support professionals waiting to help.

We Strategize

At Cartika, we’ve always maintained that the client comes first. We’re devoted to giving our customers the best experience possible and helping them grow their business through better technology.

We Develop

What this ultimately means is that with us, your business has room to grow – as much as you’ll ever need. Give our sales department a call to see which of our services best suit your needs.

We Innovate

Though we started with a small office and a single reseller account,  the past 15 years have seen us grow almost exponentially. Today, we have Network Operations Centers in both Toronto and Dallas, with plans to expand to other locations in the near future.