Cloud Virtual Desktops

Backed by our flexible infrastructure, Cartika’s cloud virtual desktops allow you to expand your work environment far beyond your desk.

Cloud Virtual Desktops

Additional cloud virtual desktops can be deployed in a matter of seconds in Toronto, Canada and/or Dallas, USA. Give your employees access to their work no matter what device they’re using. Resources can be provisioned at the touch of a button, and an optional Backups integration allows you to perform granular backup and restoration of any files or other data as required. Our enterprise-level Juniper WAN networks include multiple, redundant 10G upstream tier 1 and tier 2 connections. Coupled with a colossal internal Juniper-backed network, a 10G LAN infrastructure, this allows us to confidently offer a 100% network and infrastructure service level uptime agreement. Your desktop will always be accessible whenever and wherever it’s required.



Default Configuration

  • Windows 8 or 10
  • 1 CPU Core, 2GB RAM, 60 GB Disk
  • Microsoft Defender AV
  • 24 x 7 Support
  • 2 Remote Desktop Users
  • 100 Mbps Port speed Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Choose Toronto, Canada or Dallas, USA


Increase your Resource Pool

  • $20.48 / additional GB RAM
  • $15 / month per additional CPU Core
  • $0.40 / additional GB Disk (20 GB Increments)
  • $20 / month Microsoft Office Standard
  • $30 / month Microsoft Office Professional

Screen Captures


Your business deserves BOTH reliable infrastructure with guaranteed uptime and 24×7 support