For businesses looking to secure and optimize their connections between their offices and the cloud or datacenter


A Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a virtual WAN architecture that allows businesses to leverage any combination of transport services—including your offices broadband internet services and even LTE - to securely connect users to applications.

The Cartika SD-WAN if a fully managed and secured service which extends your companies users and local intranet to the Cartika facilities and services. A device is configured in your local office(s) which securely and intelligently directs traffic across the WAN and directly to the Cartika datacenters and/or public and/or private IaaS and Cloud infrastructure. This increases application performance and delivers a high-quality user experience, which increases business productivity and agility and reduces IT costs.

Target Audience

Businesses looking to migrate local infrastructure (file storage, internal applications) to the data center or cloud

Businesses looking to extend their local network to the datacenter and/or cloud, as well as, secure and optimize communications from their offices to the datacenter or cloud